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Welcome students! In the following links you will find important information regarding class schedules, course plans, other MSLA resources, as well as additional University resources. If there is something you cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact the MSLA office at 303-871-6308 or

MSLA Welcome »

  • This password protected site is for current and recently admitted MSLA students. Please contact the MSLA office for access.

Course Schedules, Course Plans and Forms »

  • This page contains frequently used forms, externship information, course plans, and course schedules.

Course Descriptions »

Listserv »

  • Please join the MSJA/MSLA current student, alumni and faculty listserv. This listserv is intended to act as a communication tool and bring together MSJA and MSLA alumni and faculty. Please use this list to post job opportunities, locate alumni, and ask/answer questions related to legal administration. If you are an MSJA/MSLA current student, alumnus or faculty member, you are eligible to join.

Job Opportunities »

  • Graduates of the MSLA program have a variety of career paths to choose from. MSLA alumni work as state, district, circuit, and federal court administrators, law office administrators, public sector office administrators, planning directors, clerks of the court, budget analysts and directors, private sector financial analysts, management analysts, professors, managing partners, consultants, to name a few.

MSLA Faculty »

University Resources »

  • This page provides you with University resources. Example of things you can find in this page are parking services, local associations’ information, and research aids.

MSLA Streaming Videos »

  • There are professors that record their classes for review or for online students. Please check with your Professor if your class is going to be recorded.

Student Services

  • The Sturm College of Law has a student services office available to MSLA students. The office is equipped to assist students in any special need. For additional information, please contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 303.871.6208, or contact the Director of the MSLA Program, via email or telephone at 303.871.6308.

Canvas and Technology Support

  • If you have technical difficulties with Canvas, please first navigate to the “Help” icon in the upper right corner, and select “Canvas Support.”
  • Should you still have problems, contact the law school Help Desk at 303.871.6464 or contact the DU Help Desk at 303.871.4700 and send an email to all of the following:

and your professor.

  • Include in the email the issue you are having. The more information you provide the better. If you receive an error message, take a screenshot and include it in the email. If you include all email addresses above you are likely to get an immediate response.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please email the MSLA office.


Academic Requirements for Graduation

  • MSLA students must maintain at least a 2.6 average for all courses taken at the Sturm College of Law. A grade of C shall not be considered a failing grade if an MSLA student maintains an overall 2.6 average.


  • MSLA classes at the Sturm College of Law are mostly small seminar classes making traditional law school grading procedures difficult, such as exam anonymity and grade curves. Thus, there are no such requirements established in the MSLA program.

Academic Progress Reports

  • The MSLA program will produce an Academic Progress Report (APR) after each semester which advises the student of their progress in the program: grades, cumulative GPA, and required courses still to be taken.

Class Attendance

  • Class Attendance is required for all courses. Professors will outline any impact attendance and participation will have on the student’s grade. Poor attendance can be the basis for a failing grade. Students are encouraged to discuss with the professors when they must be away from class.

Grade Grievances

  • A student may initiate a grievance procedure with regard to any grade received at the Sturm College of Law if the student believes the grade was unfairly awarded. Students should first consult the professor. If the student finds no resolution, then s/he should file a petition with the Director of the MSLA Program.

Contact MSLA