The University of Denver Sturm College of Law values excellence in teaching both online and in-class. The Office for Teaching and Learning at the University of Denver is committed to enhancing student learning experiences by developing state of the art technology and web-based applications, providing professional development opportunities for faculty and collaborating with faculty on innovative teaching projects.

Course Platforms:

The MSLA Program currently uses Canvas for its online courses. Learning management systems allow instructors to create web-based content for their courses (syllabus, assignments, exams, lectures, outlines, presentation, images, web links, etc.).


Minimum Computer Requirements:

Sturm College of Law has minimum laptop computer requirements. Students are required to have a Windows-based PC or laptop. Your Internet options should be set to accept Java and Cookies. To make the most of your online course experience, we strongly encourage either high speed or cable Internet access; however, a 56k modem may be acceptable. In addition to the minimum software requirement of Microsoft Office, individual instructors may have unique software specifications; please check with your instructors. We also recommend the most current versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Media Player, which you can download using the links below. Click here for additional information.

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