Alumni Association


The Alumni Association is a group of MSLA Alumni who have come together to connect the entire MSLA alumni body together.

The MSLA Alumni Association’s objectives are:

  • To reach out to MSJA/ MSLA alumni and update contact information.
  • To stimulate and encourage the loyalty and enthusiasm of the MSJA/MSLA alumni.
  • To initiate, recommend, and support the program, curriculum, and activities that will further the interests of the MSLA, its students, and the general legal community.

The MSLA Alumni Association shall be charged with:

  • Organizing and fostering alumni activities (reunions, meetings, seminars, lectures, and receptions).
  • Establishing and organizing fund solicitations from alumni and friends of the MSLA program.
  • Assist with recruitment and placement of students.

MSLA Alumni Association Meeting

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