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We invite you to discover how the Sturm College of Law in Denver, Colorado can prepare you for a successful career in legal management. While we offer a variety of degrees and certificate programs in law and legal related fields, we’d like to acquaint you with our Master of Science in Legal Administration (MSLA) degree which is a blend of business and law and offers flexibility for traditional and non-traditional students.

Since 1972, the Master of Science in Legal Administration Program (MSLA) (formerly, Master of Science in Judicial Administration) has been educating students on the management and operations of law firms, courts, and legal organizations. The MSLA degree provides students with the business knowledge and skills to run a law firm, court, or legal organization, both nationally and internationally.

To accommodate the needs of our students, all courses are available online. Students may attend full-time, and graduate in one year; or part-time, and graduate in two to four years. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have varying interests: some are working professionals, while others are students interested in entering the field of legal administration.

The mission of the MSLA program at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is to improve the quality of justice worldwide through the education and training of the profession that manages, operates, and leads courts, law firms, and legal organizations. To this end, we offer the following online programs:


"As the first student to be admitted to and complete the MSLA program on-line, I have a unique perspective. I found the program to be rigorous, but participating on-line offered needed flexibility. One of my initial concerns was that the on-line program would be impersonal, with little contact between students and professors. I did not need to fear; several professors indicated that they actually felt that they got to know the on-line students better than those in their traditional classroom classes. I value the program’s involvement of professors who are current legal administration practitioners — from courts, government and private legal offices. The insight of each, gained from their real world experiences, was invaluable."

Cathy Bagot, MSLA

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