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E-Mail Microfiche/film Images or Save to Disk

  • Insert 10 cents in vending unit next to PC (required for operation)
  • Turn on microfilm scanner and line up image to be printed
  • Turn on PC and start the PixUtil program
  • Select File, Scan Page for one page OR
  • Select File, Scan Batch to File for multiple pages – click Continue Scanning between each page
  • Keep files to 15 pages or less
  • Select File, Save Document As – select A: (save to floppy) or C:\Scan Temp (e-mail)
  • To e-mail file(s) start Internet Explorer
  • Connect to web-based e-mail account (select from Favorites)
  • Create a new message, click Attachments, Browse to the C:\Scan Temp folder and select file(s)
  • Click on Add Attachment Now and then Send
  • .TIF files can be viewed and printed using any graphics program