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Welcome to the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law History Exhibit! This digitization project, created by the Westminster Law Library, provides a virtual scrapbook of the law school’s tradition of excellence since 1892. We invite you to browse our website and enjoy this glimpse into the past and present of the Sturm College of Law. Be a part of this exciting project by sharing your memories with us or submitting ideas and photos for inclusion.

Special thanks go to the following people for their contributions:

Theresa Baker, Westminster Law Library – Website Development and Maintenance
Goldie Burton, Westminster Law Library – Content Development
Esti Shay, Westminster Law Library – Content Development
Patty Wellinger, Westminster Law Library – Content Development
Wayne Rust, Educational Technology, Sturm College of Law – Digitization of Audio & Video Material
Gary Alexander, Director – Westminster Law Library
Penrose Library Special Collections & Archives staff
Meghan Howes, Beverly Roberts & Sarah Tonso – Alumni & Public Relations, Sturm College of Law

And numerous others who have contributed their time, suggestions, or original material to this creative endeavor.

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