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University of Denver
Westminster Law Library
Guidelines for Donations

The University of Denver’s Westminster Law Library is grateful for the numerous donations that have enriched our collection. Gifts of both money and materials provide a valuable supplement to the library’s resource budget and programs.

Interested donors are asked to submit a list of the items they wish to donate. For books, please include the title, author(s), publisher, and date of publication. Please list journals by title and include the volume, issue number(s), and dates. The library prefers not to accept materials prior to the receipt of a written description. We ask that you arrange for the delivery of materials to the library as we do not have the personnel or transport to provide this service. (If items are outside the scope of the Law Library’s collection or duplicate material already in our collection, we are happy to suggest other potential recipients.)

Each donor will be sent a letter of acknowledgment. Please retain a copy of the letter and your detailed list of donated materials to support tax deduction claims. IRS regulations (26 CFR sect. 1.170A13) place responsibility for estimating the value of donations upon the donor rather than on the recipient of the gift. By signing the statement below, donors acknowledge the right of the Law Library to determine the treatment and disposition of donated materials. If your materials are not added to our collection, they may be given or sold to other libraries or book dealers, included in the library’s used book sale, or discarded.

We appreciate your interest in and support of the University of Denver Westminster Law Library. For further information or assistance in making a donation, please contact Diane Burkhardt, Interim Law Library Director, at 303-871‑6194 or dburkhar@law.du.edu.


The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read the University of Denver Westminster Law Library’s Guidelines for Donations and understands that materials donated to the library will be handled according to these guidelines.

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