This course offers an introduction to the National Labor Relations Act, with an emphasis on unfair labor practices committed by employers and unions. Major sections of the Act as well as relevant cases and materials are reviewed. The course covers both investigatory and litigation strategies in the areas of labor law. Trial and evidentiary issues that arise in connection with the preparation and trial examination of monolingual Spanish-speaking witnesses are also addressed.
Counseling and Negotiation in Spanish

This course focuses on the basic skills involved in interviewing and counseling monolingual Spanish-speaking clients in a law office. The course relies on extensive simulations, exercises and discussions. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the challenges of communicating with Spanish-speaking clients in a legal environment. Students learn to prepare legal documents in Spanish conduct attorney-client interviews in Spanish, and overcome the obstacles that prevent effective communication in a legal setting. These obstacles include cultural stereotypes and language usage, and misconceptions regarding the role that attorneys, judges, and interpreters play in the U.S. legal system. The course also emphasizes how to build a law practice that attracts Spanish-speaking clients.