The Law School Experience, Presented by the University of Denver College of Law Faculty

Dear DU Law Students,

TeachTech is a group of DU Law professors who met regularly to explore ways to improve the quality of our teaching and the quality of students’ learning experiences. Our primary focus is on teaching. To that end, we have been examining various technologies that we believe have potential to improve students’ learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

One project we have been pursuing involves what we call the Law School Experience. The goal is to improve the way we teach the nuts and bolts of being a law student; to teach skills such as preparing for class, participating in class, taking notes in class, outlining classes, and preparing for and taking exams. In each of these areas, we are preparing modules (i.e., web-based tutorials) to help improve knowledge and teach skills in these areas.

Some of these modules are now available by clicking the links above. We have also included a section on legal terminology and a glossary of commonly used legal terms.

This is a work in progress. Not all of these modules are done yet. And those that have been posted will likely be revised, as we try to make improvements. We wanted to post them now, though, so that you will have access to them and can make use of them.

These modules are completely optional, in the sense that there is no formal requirement for you to visit these sites or read the materials. However, your exploring these materials will help us in two ways: First, as your professors, we will know what you have been exposed to in these areas and can teach accordingly. Second, we hope to benefit from any feedback you might have as you look at these materials. But most importantly, we simply hope that you will find these materials useful – and wish that someone had told us these things when we were in law school. Please visit the above links to access these materials.
Best Wishes,


Professors Best, Borison, Cheever, Chen, Corrada, Cowden, Duvivier, Ehrenreich, Hartje, Hyatt, Kamin, Katz, Pepper, Rhodes, and Taylor