In 2007, the Sturm College of Law established its Clinical Teaching Fellowship Program, through which experienced attorneys have the opportunity to learn how to teach law in a clinical setting. Under the supervision of SLO faculty, clinical fellows learn in context by supervising law students in their representation of clients, designing and teaching clinic classes and facilitating the development of law students into critically reflective practitioners. Fellows also participate in a clinical pedagogy class taught by members of the SLO faculty.

The SLO currently offers two fellowships, one in the Civil Rights Clinic and one in the Community Economic Development Clinic. Because the fellowship is designed for lawyers who want to embark on careers in clinical teaching, our fellows are encouraged to engage in scholarship and are supported in doing so in a variety of ways, including the opportunity for a reduced teaching load, eligibility to hire research assistants, financial support for travel to conferences and mentoring. Additionally, fellows are invited to attend faculty workshops and mentoring sessions for faculty.

Current Clinical Fellows

Kelly Davis (Environmental Law Clinic)
Lauren Fontana (Civil Rights Clinic)
Cathay Y. N. Smith (Community Economic Development Clinic)