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A Look Inside the Mediation and Arbitration Clinic Clinical Programs: Mediation & Arbitration Clinic

Featuring Associate Professor Jeff Hartje

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Clinic Information

The Mediation & Arbitration Clinic was established as a part of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law’s Clinical Programs in 1988. Clinical programs teach students through live client experience.

Students in the Mediation & Arbitration Clinic will learn the skills needed to perform mediation and conflict assessment. They will perform mediations for cases originating in Denver County Court and for community members referred by the Student Law Office. Professor Jeff Hartje teaches and directly supervises Mediation & Arbitration Clinic students.

A wide variety of disputes can be mediated, including those involving landlord/tenant issues, neighbor relations, home repairs, car repairs, contracts, issues between roommates, consumer dissatisfaction, employment issues and many others.


Course Information

All clinic students are required to attend a mandatory, 2-day orientation session. This orientation session is traditionally scheduled during the two days proceeding the first day of the new semester.

Students in the Mediation & Arbitration Clinic meet once a week for class on Wednesdays from 2:45-4:15pm. In addition to class, students attend volunteer mediation sessions at the Denver County Courthouse. These students, working work in teams of two, to provide free mediation services to litigants in the Denver County Court. The program also mediates workplace disputes from the City and County of Denver. Team schedules rotate weekly, so each team will visit Denver County Court approximately 3 times during the semester. Visits are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.



There are no prerequisite courses to the Mediation & Arbitration Clinic; however, Negotiation & Mediation, ADR, and Legal Profession are highly recommended pre- or co-requisites.

A background in public interest law is not necessary, but is desirable.


Time & Credits

Mediations and volunteer sessions at the Denver County Courthouse are scheduled based on student availability. However, clinic participants are expected to attend classes regularly, complete their mediation sessions at the Denver County Courthouse, and assist with assigned mediations as planned.

Students receive 2 in-class credits and 3 out-of-class credits for a total of 5 semester credits for their participation in the Mediation & Arbitration Clinic.


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