The Joint JD/IBT LLM is a specialized program available to students pursuing or intending to pursue their JD at the Sturm College of Law who wish to supplement or focus their legal training in the area of International Business Transactions as well as to enhance the value of their on-going legal education.

The objective of the Joint JD/IBT LLM degree is to offer a comprehensive JD curriculum supplemented with in-depth exposure to international commercial law. The LLM degree enhances JD program objectives by providing a strong theoretical and practical education equipping graduates with the skills necessary to provide immediate and valuable contributions to the legal community. Cooperatively, the programs will also provide a platform for participating students to interact with employers, practitioners, and scholars in the field of international business.

We are accepting Joint JD/IBT LLM degree applications on rolling basis from students meeting required prerequisites. Students should have completed at least one semester of their JD requirements at SCOL or at another accredited law school, if a transfer student.
Application fee is waived.

Please contact Graduate Legal Studies at directly with questions regarding joint degree requirements and application process.

Application Process and Eligibility:

Students wishing to pursue the two degrees concurrently shall make separate application to both the College of Law and the IBT LLM Program for admission to their respective programs. An offer of admission to either degree program is not contingent upon an offer of admission to the other.

A student may apply for participation in the dual degree program after he/she has begun work on the JD degree, but generally no later than completing the 3rd semester of the JD degree. The application into the IBT LLM program with the intent of pursuing a joint JD/IBT LLM will be open following JD-cadidate’s completion of first semester of the JD curriculum and close before beginning of the 3rd semester of the JD program (timelines/deadlines will vary based on individual circumstances).

Any student applying to the dual degree after completing the 3rd semester of the JD program must first obtain permission of the Office of Graduate Studies to be considered eligible. However, a student may not apply for admission to the dual degree program after either degree has been completed. The provisions of this agreement are intended to apply only to students who are working concurrently on the two degrees at the University of Denver.

Eligibility: students who have completed one semester but no more than 50% of their JD coursework (typically 45 credits) at Sturm College of Law. Applicants should submit applications when first semester’s final grades are available.
Some exceptions may apply.


JD Program Requirements remain unchanged except for a 10 semester credit hour reduction of the total requirement necessary for graduation (from at least ninety (90) to at least eighty (80)).

All Roche LLM in IBT Program Requirements remain unchanged. All students (domestic and international) must complete LAWS 4315 (International Business Transactions: Survey) for 3 semester credits. In addition, all students must complete at least additional 21 semester credit hours of approved electives. All students must have at least one approved course focused on drafting and/or negotiation.

Juris Doctorate: completion of at least 80 semester credit hours with passing grades. Students must comply with the current J.D. requirements.

1st Year Fall Semester:

Civil Procedure (4)
Lawyering Process I (3)
Two of the following 4-credit courses: Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Torts (4)

1st Year Spring Semester:

Lawyering Process II (3)
Constitutional Law (4)
Two of the remaining 4-credit courses: Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Torts (4)

Other Required Courses:

All students must successfully complete the following courses in any semester prior to graduation:

Legal Profession (3)
Evidence (4)
Administrative Law (3)

Other Graduation Requirements:
Completion of (1) the Upper Level Legal Writing Requirement and (2) the Public Service Requirement.

Master of Laws (L.L.M) in International Business Transactions: all students in the IBT LLM must complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester credits and maximum of twenty-eight (28) in the IBT LLM curriculum. The twenty-four semester credits of coursework must include:

– International Business Transactions: Survey Course
– American Legal System: Research, Writing and Analysis OR Advanced Legal Writing (for International Students Only)
– At least one of (i) Contracts Drafting, (ii) Corporate Drafting Seminar or (iii) Negotiation and Drafting in an International Business Transactions Context or (iv) another course focused on drafting and negotiation skills approved by the Director of the IBT LLM

The IBT LLM Program will not accept credit for any courses not part of the current IBT LLM curriculum toward the 24 credit requirement for the LLM degree.

Granting of Degrees Dual degrees must be pursued for the most part simultaneously. While students are encouraged to complete courses from each field concurrently, in some cases, electives may be taken consecutively. Students have up to 18 months to complete the second degree; however, students will not be awarded the degree of Juris Doctor until all requirements for the second degree, i.e. IBT LLM, are met. Students cannot be certified to take any bar examinations until they have been awarded the degree of Juris Doctor.

If one degree is completed prior to the completion of the requirements for the other degree, the LLM degree may not be awarded until all requirements for the JD have been completed.

If a student changes his/her plans, and elects to earn only one degree, the student must complete the full requirements for the degree, and the usual departmental or divisional requirement for use of elective credit will apply. Any student not electing to complete the JD degree will not be awarded an IBT LLM, as a JD is a prerequisite for the LLM program.

College of Law Provisions

The College of Law will accept the equivalent of ten semester credit hours (15 quarter hours) of approved course work in the IBT LLM Program as part of the 90 semester credit hours required for the JD degree. Thus, joint degree students, in most circumstances, will be able to complete the requirements of both programs with 104 credit hours (80 JD + 24 LLM).

Upon completion of JD and IBT LLM elective courses, the student shall provide the College of Law Registrar with a transcript of the course work, identifying the courses to be applied toward each degree. Only those IBT LLM-approved courses that exceed the 24 credit hour LLM degree requirement can count toward the JD degree. Courses listed in Attachment A, WILL NOT count towards JD elective requirements because these courses are either required by the IBT LLM or offered outside the College of Law. Only courses in which the student has received a grade of “B” (3.0) or better are transferred for degree credit. The IBT LLM courses will be recorded as passed, but will not be included in the College of Law grade point average.

Dual degree credit transfer privileges only apply to work completed at the University of Denver while the student is working toward either degree but prior to receiving either degree.