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Located 5,280 feet above sea level, the Mile High City encompasses an ideal combination of the great outdoors, an energetic urban lifestyle and a prominent and ever-expanding international business community.


• Denver has a temperate climate with 300 days of sunshine. World-class mountain resorts, skiing and snowboarding are within an hour’s drive. Click here to explore the state of Colorado.

• Denver has a rich ethnic history and diverse cultural heritage. The city is constantly bustling with cultural activity around its numerous inimitable neighborhoods.

• Denver has one of nation’s strongest metropolitan economies while Colorado recently ranked #5 on Forbes Top Ten States for Business . Numerous multinational corporations have major operations in the region:
CH2M Hill (engineering services); Lockheed-Martin (space and aerospace technologies); MillerCoors Brewing Company; Western Union (financial services); and IBM Corporation (computer system and services),
among others .

• Denver is increasingly becoming an international business and legal center. It is a well-known NAFTA hub that possesses a vibrant technology sector and serves as an epicenter of natural resources and green businesses.
Denver Law students can get in on the ground floor of a growing international business region.

• Denver has a supportive and inclusive legal community. Local practitioners and businesses are eager to welcome and engage Denver Law
students. The international section of the Colorado Bar Association works very closely with Denver Law and will provide attorney mentors to all of our LLM students.

• Denver is an incredible place to live! Enjoy studying in a stimulating, friendly and rewarding environment.

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