Brochure Ask IBT LLM

The objective of the Roche IBT LLM program is to offer in-depth study and training in cross-border business, finance, and trade. Among the program’s curricular emphasis are

  • understanding the transactional aspects (negotiation, counseling and drafting) of international business and
  • applying these transactional skills in a variety of contexts.
  • the program will provide a platform for students to interact with employers, practitioners, and scholars in the field of international business.

Here are the top reasons how the IBT LLM can benefit you:

1) One of very few schools nationally and internationally to offer a specialized LLM degree in international business transactions

2) The only L.L.M. with required courses in drafting and negotiation skills, ensuring students can add value from Day 1

3) Valuable experiential learning through internships with multi-national corporations and the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

4) A rigorous yet flexible curriculum designed to fit each student’s individual interests and goals

5) A wide selection of courses specifically designed for a comprehensive professional development in international business

6) Small class size ensures an intimate setting with meaningful instructor feedback for maximum learning success

7) Selective admissions policy ensures a limited number of students allowing for individualized advising and guidance

8) Interdisciplinary approach of this program allows students to enroll in a number of elective courses offered through the renowned Daniels College of Business and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies as well as Sturm College of Law’s nationally ranked Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program

9) A unique mentoring program and optimal externship program allows students to build a professional network through interaction with employers, practitioners, arbitrators, judges and scholars in the field of international business

10) Cultural and professional diversity of program’s participants will further enhance students’ grasp of complexities of economic globalization and law