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The practice of law is becoming increasingly international, and therefore, more complex. There is a need for well-trained and practice-ready lawyers to fill the growing demand for legal professionals well-versed in private international law and business. Lawyers holding an LLM with an international business focus possess a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our prospective students recognize this:

“I have often been asked why I would like to pursue the International Business Transactions program at Sturm College of Law after I had passed Bar Exams and have worked in China and Colorado. People assume that I am already in a perfect situation to practice international business/commercial law given my China-US legal, cultural and bilingual background. However, these advantages do not naturally assure that I am ready to practice international business law with my current qualifications. I feel that traditional law school classes are too basic and not enough for my career goals, and I still need some highly concentrated courses that will provide me with both theoretical and practical skills.” (A recent Sturm College of Law graduate).

“This program is laser-focused on the legal skills necessary to handle complex international transactions. To the domestic commercial transaction lawyer, it provides the framework for navigating clients through international treaties, differing laws and regulations, unique financial systems, unfamiliar dispute resolution procedures, and cultural and political biases. Returning to law school at fifty would never have captured my attention if it were not for the excitement offered by this program and the opportunities that it presents. It will be a second legal career vastly different than the first, but one that is closely aligned with the worldwide economy.” (A practicing attorney)

In the United States there are more than 230 LLM programs in 33 different practice areas, spread across 200 law schools. However, surprisingly very few programs are concentrated on private and/or transactional work. The Roche IBT LLM is the only one of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region; it is also unique nationally as it is the only LLM program that provides a required training in negotiation and drafting skills.

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