All student events should be submitted to the Events Calendar after you have reserved your room with Mike Latimer. To submit an event to the Events Calendar, please complete the following online form:

After an event has been posted to the Events Calendar it will automatically be added to the Daily Events E-mail and the Electronic Bulletin Boards. To send an e-mail to the Law school community about your event you need to e-mail the information to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and it will be forwarded to all students (or whichever group you specify).

Each student organization is allowed three (3) individual emails per semester to students. However, you can place as many announcements as you’d like in the Daily Announcements and Events E-Mail.

To post a flyer, please bring it into Student Affairs, Suite 235, to be stamped for approval. You may only post flyers or posters on bulletin boards. You are allowed to post 2 posters per classroom. You may only attach them to the boards using the thumb tacks provided (no tape or staples). If anything is hung on walls or windows using tape, nails, or staples it will be removed and your student organization will be penalized. Please remove the posters when your event has ended.

Student Affairs reserves the right to deny approval for any emails or flyers that are inappropriate in any way.

Tables in Student Street/Corridor 140

Students wanting to set up a table in the 1st floor area near the elevators should contact someone in the Events office at least a week prior, to reserve a table. Confirmed reservations may still be amended to accommodate events which require the entire forum and Corridor. You may be asked to close down your table slightly earlier to accommodate evening functions.