• Alcohol Policy
    All student organizations events that will have alcohol must be approved by Jessica Boynton, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Student Affairs will then determine if your event will need to go through Risk Management or University Counsel. You will need to fill out an events request form (found on the Student Affairs website). You will also need to work with Lauri Mlinar after the event has been approved by Dean Vigil. There is a two drink maximum amount allowed at all student organization events. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed at outside locations. All promotions that mention alcohol must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs. You can find the detailed Alcohol Policy on the Student Affairs website. Hosting departments/organizations may use many different restaurants and catering companies, but a full-service caterer with liability insurance must be used if alcohol will be served during your event.
  • Food Policies/Classrooms
    Student Organizations may order-in food for various locations throughout the building, but there are restrictions for the classrooms. You may order food for the first floor classrooms only, excluding room #165. Beverages may not be ordered by event hosts for any event held in a classroom. Hosts can suggest to their guests to bring their own covered beverages. Hosting organizations are responsible for clean-up in classrooms. Pizza, sandwiches, wraps, etc. are all considered appropriate classroom fare (foods that do not require utensils).