Hosts should visit their event site to check for accuracy of set up and cleanliness, a while before the event start time. The Events office makes every attempt to check event locations prior to start times, but cannot always promise this safeguard, depending on the number of other events occurring at the same time. If your event site is not as agreed upon, please call Lauri Mlinar (ext. 16139). If they are unavailable, please call Ken Parish at ext. 13298. For evening events, it is important to inspect your event site as early as possible, as our custodial and conversion crews become much smaller after 4 PM. You can also request an Event Contact Sheet from the Events office, with contact information for all service providers and vendors.

Events office staff regularly stop in at many events to observe the physical set-up and to evaluate the accuracy and quality of the food order. However, the hosts are responsible for communicating any discrepancies and last-minute problems to the caterer. Once the food has been delivered and the set-up is complete, the hosting department must safeguard their own food set-up from uninvited guests. Your caterer cannot be held accountable if your food set-up has been left unattended and is disrupted in any way.