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Comparative Latin American Mining Law Comparative Latin American Mining Law
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Professor Catherine M. Keske Meet Professor Catherine M. Keske
Bachelor of Science (Bowling Green State College) Master’s in Mineral Economics (Colorado School of Mines) Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics (Colorado State University)

Environmental Law Class, Prof Fred Cheever Professor Fred Cheever
Environmental Law covers the major federal laws and programs for environmental protection. These laws and programs include the National Environmental Policy Act; Clean Water Act; Clean Air Act; Toxic Substances Control Act; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; wildlife laws; landform preservation laws; and public resource laws. In this class, federal laws are compared to state and local legislation and common law remedies. Issues of economics and technology, tactics of environmental litigation, legislative lobbying, and administrative agency enforcement are explored.

Federal Wildlife Law Class, Prof Fred Cheever Professor Fred Cheever
This course covers federal wildlife law beginning with the Constitutional underpinnings of federal wildlife law. It focuses on the Endangered Species Act with some coverage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The course takes new approaches to species and habitat preservation, paying particular attention to Colorado species.

Sustainable Development Class, Prof Halvorssen Professor Anita Halvorssen
This seminar is designed to give an introduction into the convergence of trade, environment, and development issues and law, addressing areas of conflict and synergies among them. It will focus on rules, procedures, and institutions aimed at making globalization compatible with sustainable development by integrating trade policy and law with policies that address other aspects of “human development”, such as, environmental concerns, social concerns, human rights, gender issues, and governance. The seminar will also cover relevant cases, such as the WTO Shrimp-Turtle Case, the Beef Hormone Case, and the GMO Case.

Resource Law Class Jan Laitos Professor Jan Laitos
The course is designed primarily for students who wish to have an introduction to and an overview of the entire natural resources law area in one course. Students survey the primary natural resources subject matter areas: water law; mining law; oil and gas law; public land law; environmental law; and energy law

Public Land and Resources Law Class Rock Pring Professor Rock Pring
This offering grants an overview of law, policy, and procedures governing the lands managed by the federal government and state of local government lands. The interwoven law, history, and economics controlling acquisition and allocation of public lands and resources are traced. The class grants a close examination of traditional commercial uses and other resource categories of land use practices.

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Dr Vladimir Passos De Freitas Dr Vladimir Passos De Freitas

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Judge Michael Rackemann Prof Rock Pring with Guest Judge Michael Rackemann

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