A Dynamic Industry…

The field of natural resources and environmental law has rapidly evolved into an ongoing international concern. For example, in the past decade over 100 nations have either introduced or are drafting new mining laws. In addition, renewable energy and sustainability issues have become pressing domestic and international concerns. Both legal and non-law professionals in this active legal environment must understand both domestic natural resources law and how resources are regulated in international jurisdictions, if they hope to compete in the global arena.

We recognize a vital need for advanced graduate studies in this complex legal field and offer a comprehensive, multilevel program to help attorneys, natural resources professionals, and government regulators increase their knowledge of the issues, policies, and laws that affect resources and the environment worldwide.

The University of Denver College of Law’s Graduate Programs in Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy is designed for U.S. and foreign attorneys and non-law natural resources professionals who wish to apply their skills at home, or who plan to work both in the United States and abroad.

Our program offers a curriculum of courses relating to natural resources law, policy, economics, regulation, contracts, and international transactions, including several classes offered by no other university in the world.

Join us and expand your academic credentials for a rich and rewarding career in the global natural resources and environment industry.

Advanced Study Programs Available:

  • Master of Laws in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy (LLM)
    Open to applicants who have completed a JD or foreign equivalent law degree. The LLM program develops your expertise for specialization in a global environmental and/or natural resources law career. 24 credits
  • Master of Legal Studies with an Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Major (formerly Master of Resources Law Studies, MRLS)
    Open to applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree (non-law). For professionals who want to broaden their understanding of environmental and natural resources law and policy. 24 credits
  • Certificate of Studies (CS) in Natural Resources Law and Policy
    Academic Certificate program for professionals who wish to obtain specialization skills in natural resources law but are unable to devote a full year to masters degree study. Open to applicants with a JD or foreign equivalent, or a natural resources related undergraduate/graduate degree. 16 credits
  • Certificates in Selected Environmental and Natural Resources Courses
    A non-degree program open to professionals, lawyers or non-lawyers, who wish to select courses relating to specific disciplines in environmental and natural resources law. Must enroll at least in 5 courses. Please contact Graduate Legal Studies for more details.

Dual JD/LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy
A specialized program available to students pursuing their JD at the Sturm College of Law who are interested in concentrating on environmental and natural resources issues.
By specializing in this area while enrolled in the JD program, students obtain a strong theoretical and practical education with in-depth skills in environmental and natural resources. Students wishing to pursue the two degrees concurrently make separate applications to the JD and LLM programs. A student may apply for the dual degree program after he/she has begun to work on the JD degree, but generally no later than completing the third semester of the JD degree (or 50% of total JD credit requirements). Any student applying to the dual degree after completing the third semester of the JD program must first obtain permission of the Office of Graduate Studies to be considered eligible. The provisions of this agreement apply only to students working concurrently on the two degrees at the University of Denver.

JD Program Requirements remain unchanged except for a 10 credit hour reduction of the total requirement necessary for graduation (from at least 9) to at least 80 credits).

The College of Law will accept the equivalent of 10 credit hours of approved course work in the LLM ENRLP Program as part of the 90 semester credit hours required for the JD degree. Thus, joint degree students, in most circumstances, will be able to complete the requirements of both programs with 104 credits (80 JD + 24 LLM).

Dual Degree students must inform the Graduate Legal Studies department regarding the course split between each program at the end of each completed term to ensure that the student is on track to graduate with both degrees.
Dual degree credit transfer privileges only apply to work completed at the University of Denver while the student is working toward either degree but prior to receiving either degree.

Please contact the Graduate Legal Studies department directly with questions regarding dual degree requirements and application process (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

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