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Alumni Quotes

“To be honest, I had pretty lofty expectations of DU’s ENRL LLM program. I had one goal that I wanted to achieve from the LLM program: to have a job when I finished. And I did. So, with that said, the LLM program met, and actually exceeded, my expectations. It was a great program, with great professors, events, and classes. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that the program is only as good as the students make it. What I mean is that the staff, faculty, events, and classes offered by DU and its ENRL LLM program are only half the equation. The other half is what we, as students, bring to the table. Because of my goal, I knew that I had to work hard to achieve it, of course with the help of DU. I made conscious and concerted efforts to meet with professors, attorneys, and staff and maximize the benefits of the program. I also did two internships, one during each semester, and I am certain that those experiences contributed to my success in getting this clerkship. I’m glad that I did the program because with it I was able to show to prospective employers in Colorado that I was serious about becoming a part of the legal community here.”

Anthony Austin, LLM, United States

“Getting the LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from DU has been one of the most successful decisions in my life. For professionals from other countries like me, whether you work in private practice, with a company or for the government, the program is very well prepared to offer a great variety of courses, which allows you to choose the specialization that you most like or fits your expertise. Two things that I liked the most about the program were first the expertise of the professors, most of them well know natural resources practitioners in the US, and second that the program gives you all the necessary tools to improve your professional skills. These are some of the reasons why this program is one of the best in natural resources around the world especially when it comes to high academic standards. Finally, the Director and the Assistant Director of the program are wonderful persons that are always ready to help you with anything that you need, not only in an academic level, but a personal level as well. I guarantee the program will really fulfill all the goals that you have. “

Maria Carolina Crespo, LLM, Argentina

“Given the increasing importance of natural resources and environmental law as a global, legal and social issue, the University of Denver’s pioneering spirit provides foreign students with the opportunity to study mining, energy and environmental law and policy in a outstanding academic environment. This program allowed me to improve not only my academic and professionals skills, which I will take to my home country, but also to discover an amazing group of international students in Denver”.

Maria Ines Vergara, LLM, Argentina

“The LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. The LLM curriculum gives you the tools to balance theory and practice, by providing excellent internship programs and offering great practical-oriented courses. In addition, you get to know and make good friends from several different countries, allowing you to know more about their customs and cultures. Finally, Colorado’s great outdoors will just amaze you. This LLM Program has really fulfilled my goals and expectations at all levels.”

Manuel Fumagalli, LLM, Peru

“Environmental work is inherently multidisciplinary. The MRLS allowed me to focus on the areas of law that are particularly relevant to what I want to do. With a better understanding of the law I will be able to work more effectively with my colleagues who are lawyers. Regardless of where my career takes me the MRLS will be a valuable asset.”

Erin Flanagan, MRLS, United States


Employment Opportunities

What can I do with my degree?

Our program graduates obtain great jobs! Current students and alumni have found employment opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. They work for government agencies, NGO’s, law firms, private business, and even their own companies! Our graduates specialize their careers in energy, oil and gas, environmental management, water, sustainable development and international resource transactions. The following is a small sample of employment opportunities our graduates have found in recent years:

  • Acorn Petroleum, Petroleum Marketer
  • Air Force Legal Operations Agency, Environmental Liaison Officer
  • Anadarko, Landman
  • Bill Barrett Corporation, Landman
  • Beeco Rewards (Sustainability company), President and Founder
  • Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Lead Ranger
  • Bureau of Land Management, Lands and Realty Manager
  • Bureau of Reclamation, Program Analyst
  • Chesapeake Energy Corp, Land Department Attorney
  • CO Department of Public Health and Environment, Oil and Gas Planner
  • Conoco Phillips, Project Contract Manager
  • Conoco Phillips, Standing Procurement Committee
  • Dakota Resource Council, Senior Field Organizer
  • Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialist
  • DESCO Environmental Services, Environmental Operations Manager
  • EcoBroker International, Inc, Senior Project Manager
  • Eco-Tourism and Organic Farm, Director
  • Encana, Oil and Gas Specialist
  • Enchantment Energy Land Services, Oil and Gas Professional
  • Environmental News Network, Communications Manager
  • enXco Renewable Energy, Associate Developer
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Energy Analyst
  • Forest Service, Natural Resources Planner
  • Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Forest Project Coordinator
  • GeoSands Energy Advisors LLC, Vice President of Compliance and Contracts
  • Hach Company (Water Analysis) Project Manager
  • HDR (Environmental services), Deputy Project Manager
  • Holland and Hart, Renewable Energy Project Development Attorney
  • Hudbay Minerals, Inc, Director of Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility
  • Lihir Gold Limited, Senior Contracts Administrator
  • Minera Esperanza, Legal Counsel
  • Ministry of Non-Renewable Natural Resources, Ecuador, Attorney
  • Murphy Mining & Exploration LLC, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Specialist
  • National Association of State Energy Officials, Managing Director
  • National Park Service, Research Associate (Planning, Evaluation, and Permits Branch)
  • National Renewable Energy Lab, Regulatory and Legal Analyst
  • National Renewable Energy Lab, Senior Project Leader
  • National Renewable Energy Lab, State, Local and Tribal Deployment Planner
  • Newfield Exploration, Land Associate
  • Noble Energy, Inc., Division Order Analyst
  • Potomac Economics, Attorney
  • QEP Energy Company, Landman
  • REC Solar, Field Marketing Supervisor
  • South Metro Water Supply Authority, Executive Director
  • Sustainable Development Strategies Group, Director of International Programs
  • University of Michigan, Professor- joint appointment to the Department of English and the Program in the Environment
  • Western Governors’ Association, Attorney / Electricity Transmission Policy Analyst
  • Western Interstate Energy Board, Transmission Policy Analyst/Attorney
  • World Bank, Legal Advisor
  • World Wildlife Fund, Deputy Director