The figures listed below represent estimated costs for an academic year (nine months) for a single student in the graduate programs at the University of Denver College of Law.

Cost per credit for AY 2015-2016: $1,474

Tuition and Fees $35, 376.00 (based on two full-time semesters with twelve credits each semester)
Room/ Rent/ Board/ Household Items $14, 175.00
Books/Insurance $4,220.00
Total $53,771.00

Estimated costs for married law students accompanied by their families will be higher. For a spouse add an additional $4,000; for each minor dependent add an additional $4,000. The expenses listed above do not include transportation to or from the home country and the United States, or an extravagant choice of entertainment and free time activities. The students should be prepared for reasonable increases brought about by inflationary pressure on the United States economy which could affect the University of Denver.

The University of Denver reserves the right to change any provision or requirements hereof, including fees, at any time with or without notice.