2013, Volume 90

Issue 4

Rothgerber Conference: Public Constitutional Literacy


Foreword: Public Constitutional Literacy; A Conversation
Melissa Hart

The Marshall–Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project: American Legal Education’s Ambitious Experiment in Democratic Constitutionalism
Jamin B. Raskin

Civic Outreach Programs: Common Models, Shared Challenges, and Strategic Recommendations
Laura McNabb

The Marshall–Brennan Effect: The Benefits of Teaching Constitutional Literacy for Law Students
Jessica L. Waters & Lynn A. Addington

Evaluating High School Students’ Constitutional and Civic Literacy: A Case Study of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Marshall–Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project
Maryam Ahranjani, Caleb Medearis & Jeff Shook

Educating Young People About Law in a Disadvantaged City: Rutgers University School of Law and the City of Camden, New Jersey
Jill Friedman, Conrad Haber & Eve Biskind Klothen

Impaneled and Ineffective: The Role of Law Schools and Constitutional Literacy Programs in Effective Jury Reform
K Royal & Darra L. Hofman

Civic Education as an Instrument of Social Mobility
Dawinder S. Sidhu

Teaching the Constitution: An American Tradition
Charles J. Crimmins

Issue 5

Symposium: Forty Years Since Keyes v. School District No. 1; Equality of Educational Opportunity and the Legal Construction of Metropolitan America


Foreword: How I Rode the Bus to Become a Professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law; Reflections on Keyes’s Legacy for the Metropolitan, Post-racial, and Multiracial Twenty-first Century
Tom I. Romero, II

A Personal Memoir of Plaintiffs’ Co-counsel in Keyes v. School District No. 1
Craig Barnes

Keyes v. School District No. 1: A Personal Remembrance of Things Past and Present
Robert T. Connery

Personal Memoir: Indelible Memories of My Clerkship with Judge William E. Doyle
Jane Michaels

Personal Memoir: Judge William E. Doyle and Governor Ralph L. Carr; Peers for Equal Justice
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr.

A Clerk’s-Eye View of Keyes v. School District No. 1
Mark Tushnet

From a “Legal Organization of Militants” into a “Law Firm for the Latino Community”: MALDEF and the Purposive Cases of Keyes, Rodriguez, and Plyler
Michael A. Olivas

Untoward Consequences: The Ironic Legacy of Keyes v. School District No. 1
Rachel F. Moran

The Keyes to the Nation’s Educational Future: The Latina/o Struggle for Educational Equity
Kevin R. Johnson

Has the Roberts Court Plurality’s Colorblind Rhetoric Finally Broken Brown’s Promise?
Phoebe A. Haddon