When you purchase your airplane ticket, choose the Cedar Rapids Airport (CID) as your final destination. The Cedar Rapids Airport is approximately 35-40 minutes from Iowa City, where the University of Iowa College of Law is located.

To travel from the airport to the hotel in Coralville, you will need to either catch a cab or reserve a space on a shuttle.

If you want to catch a cab, you will want to call any of these companies right when you land in Cedar Rapids. Usually, there are NOT cabs waiting for customers outside of the airport. The approximate cost of a cab from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City/Coralville is $80.00. Companies to call include:

  1. Century Cab, Inc.: 319.365.0505
  2. Yellow Cab: 319.365.1444

To reserve a shuttle, contact Airport Shuttle Service at 319.337.2340 or 1.800.725.8640. You can also reserve a shuttle at www.crshuttle.com. Website reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. The cost of the shuttle from the Cedar Rapids Airport into Iowa City/Coralville is $36.00 one way. Unfortunately, service vans are unable to provide transport for passengers who are in wheelchairs.

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