Our Commitment to Accuracy and Transparency in Employment Reporting

The general public, including current and prospective law students, alumni, and entities such as the American Bar Association (“ABA”) and US News & World Report all rely on our JD employment data in evaluating the strength of our law school. Therefore, to maximize public trust in our employment data, we strive to report our employment outcomes in a manner that is both transparent and accurate.

The Transparency of Our Employment Data

In accordance with ABA guidelines, we provide detailed employment data for each graduating class. To further the transparency and usefulness of our employment data, we go beyond ABA requirements in several respects, including transparent publication of the salary data we are able to collect and aggregate information on the regions where our new graduates go to work. Recognizing the transparency of the employment data we provide on this website, National Jurist gave the Sturm College of Law an “A” grade in an article that graded law schools on employment transparency. More than 50% of the nation’s law schools received grades of “D” or “F.” Finally, we make available on our website a detailed summary of the Employment Outcomes for each graduating JD class that was produced by the National Association of Law Placement (“NALP”).

We also offer Denver Law Jobs: By the Numbers™, an interactive online tool that allows individual users to easily calculate our employment rate using a variety of preset formulas (or design their own formulas). This helps users understand the value judgments that are inherent to different employment rate formulas and to evaluate our JD graduates’ employment outcomes in ways that are most meaningful to them.

We Subject Our Employment Data to a Voluntary Sample Audit

To our knowledge, we were the first law school in the nation to voluntarily subject its JD employment data to an audit process. For the classes of 2010 through 2012, our employment statistics were audited on a sample basis by the University of Denver’s Office of Institutional Compliance & Internal Audit, an independent office reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the University of Denver’s Board of Trustees. While the audits were performed on a sample basis, we did not control the samples. Instead, we made all of our employment outcomes and supporting documentation available to the audit department, which then selects and audits the sample. Our effort to maximize public trust in our employment reporting has been recognized in the ABA Journal.

Soon, all law schools will be subject to the ABA’s Protocol for Reviewing Law Graduate Employment Data. In 2014, we were one of four law schools that worked voluntarily with the ABA to test the protocol using class of 2013 employment data. We look forward to the implementation of the ABA Protocol in 2015.