On behalf of the DU Sturm College of Law Alumni Relations and the Office of Career Development & Opportunities, we would like to thank you for joining the Alumni Volunteer Network. For the past ten years, the Alumni Volunteer Network has been the link for students and recent grads to connect with alumni and friends in the legal profession to seek advice.

Please take a minute to fill out the Online Registration Form so we can know a little more about you. This helps us to better match you with students or recent graduates in need of your advice. Once you are registered, students or alumni in need of mentoring or help with networking will be matched with you, and we will alert you to upcoming volunteer opportunities that are of interest to you.

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If you ever feel overburdened for any reason, please let the CDO know and we will put a hold on your participation. Thank you again for your support of the DU Sturm College of Law. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . If you are interested in other ways to become involved in alumni activities at the Law School, please refer to our respective websites at law.du.edu/alumni and the CDO Alumni Resources Page.

Alumni Volunteer Network Testimonials

Jason CrowOne of the greatest aspects of the DU Law experience is the numerous opportunities they provide for students to integrate with the Denver legal community before graduating law school. The active participation by alumni and friends in the Alumni Volunteer Network (AVN) is an easy way for law students to start forming professional relationships with practicing attorneys in the area. The AVN has helped me “bridge the gap” between law school and legal practice by providing mentorship and building relationships that will last my entire legal career.
Jason Crow ’09

Sydney BealI entered law school with 10 years of sales experience but little knowledge about where I wanted to go in the law. As my understanding of the ways I could use my law degree developed through attending CDO workshops, certain areas stood out and I wanted to learn more about them. I found the best way to explore them was to seek out DU Law alumni obtained through my career consultant in the CDO. By talking with attorneys volunteering in the Alumni Volunteer Network (AVN) in the areas of water law, for example, I had an opportunity to meet with attorneys, learn more about the practice of water law in Colorado, and gain some feedback about how they perceived my professional style. I got a lot of encouragement. Additionally, at the time, I did not know a lot of attorneys so it was good way for me to start becoming more comfortable interacting with them.
Sydney Beal ’08

imageThe Alumni Volunteer Network has provided great opportunities for me to connect with other attorneys who graduated from DU and now live in New York City. Since a good number of alumni choose to stay within the Rocky Mountain region, it’s nice to have a familiar connection with other alumni working in Manhattan. More importantly, getting to know DU law alumni has helped me to not only expand my professional network but has also helped me to become more integrated in the Manhattan legal community. They have provided useful advice regarding potential career opportunities as well as suggesting various legal organizations to join. I found this information especially useful since I, like many DU alumni who choose to live in Manhattan, moved here without having secured employment beforehand.
Alicia Bond ’06