Location: Suite 265, the North East corner on the second floor of the Sturm College of Law
Help Desk number: 303-871-6464

We are happy to help you with the following:

  1. Create or edit faculty profiles on our online directory: http://law.du.edu/index.php/directory/adjunct-faculty

    For your profile, please provide the following:
    • A brief biography
    • Your degree information (dates and institutions)
    • The courses you will be teaching here at SCOL
    • Your CV
    • A list of your publications
  2. Answer questions about posting course materials online using Canvas or TWEN.
    • Please send Jessica Hogan an email if you would like to schedule an appointment to talk more about your options .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    • We can then link your course materials to your online profile.

  3. Conduct a classroom training session to learn how to connect your laptop to the podiums to give classroom presentations.
    • Contact Wayne Rust to schedule a training session (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))
    • Please note: until you are fully comfortable with the classroom technology, Wayne can meet you before each of your classes.

  4. Contact Jessica Hogan (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) for DU Sturm College of Law Adjunct Faculty Westlaw and Lexis passwords.