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The Academic Achievement Program at the Sturm College of Law will host the 2016 Summer Preview Program during the week of August 1 – 4, 2016.

This one-week course introduces students to the content and expectations for the typical first year of law school. If you have concerns about preparing for law school, about re-entering the academic world after time away, or if you just want to start law school a step ahead, our summer program is right for you. We have designed the program to help new students make a smooth transition to law school so that they can perform to their fullest capabilities during the critical first semester and first year of law school.

2016 Summer Preview is open to any student who has paid a deposit to the DU law school for fall semester 2016.


  1. What will I learn in the program?
    • Basics for the first year of law school:
      • An introduction to the American legal system
      • Sources of the law – constitutions, cases, statutes, and regulations
      • How a case moves through our judicial system
      • Legal concepts and vocabulary most likely encountered in first year classes
    • Success in the classroom:
      • Preparing for class, including reading cases efficiently
      • Briefing cases efficiently and effectively
      • Participating in courses taught in the Socratic Method
      • Applying legal rules to new situations
      • Legal analysis and synthesis
      • An introduction to legal writing
    • Academic skills:
      • Organizing materials throughout the semester to be prepared for final examinations
      • Effective use of technology in law school
      • Using your own learning and study styles
  2. What are the benefits in participating in this program? Students approaching law school are embarking on an educational experience unlike others they may have encountered. Typical law school methods of instruction may be unfamiliar to many students. Most first year law courses are taught in some variation of the Socratic Method, using casebooks filled with appellate court decisions. Incoming law students are often unfamiliar with how to prepare for and participate in such classes. Law school exams may also be different from the kind of exams students have taken previously. Students are asked to apply legal rules to new situations rather than merely demonstrate substantive knowledge. The Summer Preview Program is designed to help students excel in this new educational environment.
  3. Who can enroll in the program? Summer Preview is open to any student who has paid a deposit to the DU law school for fall semester 2016.
  4. Is there housing available for the program? The University of Denver has special rates at nearby hotels. For information, please visit: http://www.du.edu/communityvisitors/visitors/hotels.html.
  5. Will there be assignments outside of class? Students may be expected to do advanced reading or to complete a study skills questionnaire before the first day. Outside assignments will be sent to registered participants via email before the program begins.
  6. Is there a fee for the program? Yes, the early registration fee for participants enrolling prior to July 1 will be $400. After July 1, the fee will be $450. Financial assistance is available. More details will be available after April 1, 2016.