Graduate Legal Studies

Master of Legal Studies in Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy

U.S. News and World Report ranked Denver Law’s ENRLP Program as #17 in the country!

The National Jurist ranked Denver Law as #6 of greenest law schools in the country!

And, The National Jurist ranked Denver Law at #9 in the country for practical training!

The field of natural resources and environmental law has rapidly evolved into an ongoing international concern. For example, in the past decade over 100 nations have either introduced or are drafting new mining laws. In addition, renewable energy and sustainability issues have become pressing domestic and international concerns. Both legal and non-law professionals in this active legal environment must understand both domestic natural resources law and how resources are regulated in international jurisdictions, if they hope to compete in the global arena.


We recognize a vital need for advanced graduate studies in this complex legal field and offer a comprehensive, multilevel program to help natural resources professionals, and government regulators increase their knowledge of the issues, policies, and laws that affect resources and the environment worldwide.

Master of Legal Studies in Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Major (formerly Master of Resources Law Studies, MRLS) is a 24-credit degree open to applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree (non-law). This degree is designed for professionals who want to broaden their understanding of environmental and natural resources law and policy.


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