Graduate Legal Studies

Taxation LLM Course Schedule

The curriculum is posted below. The required course sequence is essentially repeated each year. Electives can change so students should check the quarterly class schedules before making long-range scheduling decisions.


Required Courses (30 quarter hours)


Course Title Qtr. Hrs. Fall Winter Spring Summer
Corporate Taxation I 4 Yes Yes
Corporate Taxation III 4 Yes Yes
Civil & Criminal Tax Procedure 4 Yes Yes
Individual Tax Problems * 4 Yes Yes
Partnership Taxation 4 Yes Yes
Property Transactions * 4 Yes Yes Yes
Tax Accounting 4 Yes Yes
Tax Principles, Research & Writing 2 Yes

* New students are encouraged to take Property Transactions (4 qtr. hrs.) and/or Individual Tax Problems (4 qtr. hrs.) during the first quarter they participate in the Program or as soon as they are offered.

Elective Courses (15 quarter hours)


Course Title Qtr. Hrs. Fall Winter Spring Summer
Consolidated Returns 3 - Yes Yes
Corporate Taxation II 4 Yes Yes -
Employment Tax 2 -
Estate & Gift Taxation 4 Yes Yes
Estate Planning 3 Yes
Exempt Organizations 3 Yes -
Fiduciary Income Taxation 4 Yes -
Independent Study * Yes Yes Yes Yes
International Taxation 4 Yes Yes Yes
Low Income Tax Clinic * Yes Yes Yes Yes
Qualified Pension & Profit Sharing Plans 4 Yes - Yes
Selected Individual Topics Seminar 3
State & Local Taxation 2 Yes -
Tax & Financial Planning 3 - Yes -
Taxation of Natural Resources 3 Yes - -

* Students may take no more than two quarter hours of Independent Study during any one quarter and may receive credit toward the degree for no more than four quarter hours of Independent Study.

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