Graduate Legal Studies

JD with Advanced Standing Option

Consider pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree at Denver Law after completing an LLM program! Denver Law is among the top 100 US Law Schools.

To be admitted to Denver Law as an advanced standing student, you must have obtained a law degree from another country. After graduating with an American Law Practice LLM, Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy LLM, or an International Business Transactions LLM, you will receive advanced standing status when applying to the Denver Law JD program and will be able to apply up to 30 semester credits toward your JD degree. This means you can complete a JD degree in two years instead of the standard three years.


Advanced standing students take the same required first-year courses as do first-year JD students, and they can receive up to 30 credit hours of transfer credit from their prior degree. The amount of transfer credit will be determined by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar. Please note that none of the required first-year courses completed during an LLM would be counted towards the 30 semester credits and would have to be completed again in the first year of the JD program.

Required submission of LSAT test scores may be waived upon LLM coursework review by the JD Admissions office for those who complete an LLM at Denver Law. The waiver is granted by Assistant Dean of JD Admissions after review of academic performance.

After completing the JD degree from Denver Law you are eligible to take the Bar exam in any state and practice in the US.

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