Common Cause Democracy Prize for the Best "Gerrymander Standard"
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Topic: Papers should address proposing a new definition of partisan gerrymandering or further developing an existing standard. Winning papers will be selected by a distinguished panel of former State Supreme Court Justices, litigators, and election scholars. Please review the 2015 Gerrymander Standard Writing Competition Submission Requirements before submitting your entry. Submissions must be sent to by Friday, February 27. Do not include any information identifying yourself in the paper. Include your name, phone number, and address only in the body of the cover email.
First Prize: $5000
Second Prize: $3000
Third Prize: $2000
Award: The top entries will also be published in Election Law Journal, the leading academic publication in the elections field. Common Cause will cover expenses for winners to travel to Washington, DC in the fall of 2015 to present their papers.
Deadline: 02/27/2015
Contact Information:
Katie Dahl

Competition for Student Papers in Criminal Law and/or Criminal Procedure
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Topic: Papers should address matters that pertain to criminal law and/or to criminal procedure, with a particular focus on contemporary issues of concern in the State of California.
First Prize: $1500
Second Prize: $500
Third Prize: $500
Award: The first prize winner and three honorable mention prize winners will be published in the Criminal Law Journal, the official quarterly publication of the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of California and will receive one-year student memberships in the Criminal Law Section.
Deadline: 02/28/2015
Contact Information:
Anne Perry
Criminal Law Journal
State Bar of California
Criminal Law Section
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA   94105

Trandafir International Business Writing Competition
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Topic: Papers should address "any topic of contemporary international business or economic concern with a legal nexus."
First Prize: $2000
Award: The winning essay will also be published in "Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems," a journal of the University of Iowa College of Law.
Deadline: 03/06/2015
Contact Information:
Abbey Moffitt
Note and Comment Editor
Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems
Trandafir International Business Writing Competition
University of Iowa College of Law
Boyd Law Building, Room 185
Iowa City, IA   52242

The Pacific Legal Foundation's Program for Judicial Awareness Law Student Writing Competition
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Topic: Papers should address one of the following topics:

1)In Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council, 505 U.S. 1003 (1992), the Supreme Court held that a land use restriction that eliminates all economically beneficial use of property effects a taking for which the owner is entitled to just compensation. But it held that compensation is not required when the restriction inhere[s] in the title itself ... [as part of] background principles of the States law of property and nuisance. What are, or should be, the limits on the power of courts to interpret these background principles?

2) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 imposes liability for discrimination if the plaintiff proves that the defendant employs policies that have a disparate impact on members of a minority group. Is disparate impact a proper test for determining that a defendant has engaged in illegal discrimination  or does imposing such liability itself violate the constitutional right to equal protection?

3) In the past, environmental regulations focused primarily on local pollution concerns  for example, on protecting species in a particular location or preventing pollution of rivers and streams. But the focus of the environmental debate is increasingly shifting to global warming, a phenomenon that would affect the planet as a whole rather than a particular locale. In this new context, how should the government balance environmental protection against constitutional protections and property rights?
First Prize: $3000
Second Prize: $2000
Third Prize: $1000
Award: The Program for Judicial Awareness will work with the first place winner to find a law journal to publish the winning article. The winner will also be recognized at the Annual Pacific Legal Foundation Gala. PLF will pay for the winners reasonable travel costs to attend the gala.
Deadline: 03/16/2015
Contact Information:
Pagona Stratoudakis
Assistant Director
930 G Street
Sacramento, CA   95814

Interleges Award Essay Contest
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Topic: Papers should address transnational adjudication of human rights violations: national tribunals as an alternative to international courts. The essay should address one of the following sets of issues:

1. Can and do national courts provide different or increased remedies to victims of human rights violations as compared to international courts? Are national courts available to enforce the decisions of international courts and how effective are such efforts? Include an evaluation of the reported effectiveness of national courts in providing remedies for such victims, and suggest improvements.

2. Compare the recent trends in courts of such countries as the United States to reduce the availability of their courts for international human rights violations with the trends in the courts of such countries as Spain and Italy to provide an effective forum for such matters. Include an analysis of what role if any differences between the common law and civil law systems affect both the availability of national forums and remedies, and the willingness of the various national judiciaries to undertake a generous reception of international human rights claims.

3. Examine the right of access of alleged victims of human rights violations to the national courts of various countries where defendants have financial resources that might be applied to judgment rendered in favor of such claimants. To what extent do national courts enforce the judgments of other countries in favor of human rights victims? To what extent if any do the doctrines of comity vary between common law and civil law jurisdictions in their reception of foreign judgments in favor of human rights victims?
First Prize: $5000
Award: The prize money is ¬4,000.00. The winner will also be invited to attend part of the Interleges Annual General Meeting 2015 to receive the award, which takes place in New York 14  17 May 2015.
Deadline: 03/20/2015
Contact Information:
John North
Interleges c/o John North
Royds LLP, 65, Carter Lane
London EC4V 5HF UK

The Florida Bar Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section Louis Tertocha Fashion Law Fashion Law Writing Competition
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Topic: Papers should address a legal issue in the Fashion Industry. For example, without limitation, intellectual property, technology, communication, contracts, employment law and international trade issues are included in this description, provided such legal issues relate to or affect the fashion industry.
Award: The author of the grand prize winning entry will be recognized by EASL and have its work published on the EASL website and/or in newsletters, and may receive other prizes TBA.
Deadline: 03/23/2015
Contact Information:
Brittany Rawlings

Employee Benefits Writing Competition
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Topic: Papers should address a topic in the field of employee-benefits law.
First Prize: $1500
Award: This competition will award two $1500 prizes.The College will use its best efforts to arrange for publication of the winning papers in the BNA Pension and Benefits Reporter, the BNA Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal or other professional publications, subject to receiving any necessary consents from the author and any other journal. In addition, the winning papers will be distributed to the Fellows of the College.Winners will be guests of the College during its annual black tie dinner to be held on September 19, 2015 in Chicago IL.
Deadline: 06/02/2015
Contact Information:
Brian Dougherty

Smith Babcock Williams Writing Competition
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Topic: Papers should address and demonstrate original thought on a question of significance in either city planning or associated areas of law (e.g., land use, local government or environmental law) and will be evaluated based on: (1) originality; (2) contribution to the understanding or development of
the fields of planning and law; (3) quality of scholarship; and (4) quality and organization of writing.
First Prize: $2000
Second Prize: $400
Third Prize: $100
Award: The winning entry will be submitted for publication in The Urban Lawyer, the law journal of the American Bar Association's Section of State & Local Government Law.
Deadline: 06/05/2015
Contact Information:
Professor Alan C. Weinstein
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue, LB 138
Cleveland, OH   44115

LatCrit Student Scholar Program
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Topic: Papers should address any critical aspect of raceand/or other sociolegally salient
dimensions of identity, power, and the lawthat you would be willing to publish as
part of a LatCrit symposium publication.
Award: Each SSP awardee (Student Scholar) shall receive: (1) reimbursement for a reasonable amount of expenses related to traveling to and from the LatCrit 2015 Conference (and LatCrit/SALT Faculty Development Workshop), (2) in-kind contributions covering the conference registration and meal costs, and (3) double-occupancy lodging (with another Student Scholar) for the conference. Student Scholars will also be assigned a faculty mentor to assist their professional development, and have the opportunity to publish their work in a LatCrit-affiliated publication.
Deadline: 06/15/2015
Contact Information:
Professor Marc-Tizoc González
P.O. Box 248243
Coral Gables, FL   33124

Yanez & Associates Family Law Scholarship Program
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Topic: Papers should address one of the following topics:

1) Should parents found guilty of domestic violence have their parental rights terminated?

2) 10 Best ways to protect yourself and your family from domestic violence.

3) Can domestic violence abusers change their behavior?

4) Are children who are victims of domestic violence doomed to repeat the cycle?

5) What are some warning signs of a potential domestic violence abuser?

(Please remember that the winning essays will be made public; therefore, you should avoid writing personal sensitive information)
First Prize: $2000
Second Prize: $1000
Award: The two winning essays will be posted on the article section and credit will be given to the winning writers.
Deadline: 08/31/2015
Contact Information:
Bettina Yanez
625 The City Dr S
Suite 490
Orange, CA   92868

Scribes Membership
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Topic: Scribes - The American Society of Legal Writers - is the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to improving legal writing and honoring legal writers.
Any editor working for a legal journal qualifies for regular membership. The dues are normally $65 per year, but Scribes may offer discounted memberships to student editors.
Deadline: 12/30/2025
Contact Information:
Professor Norman Plate
Thomas M. Cooley School of Law
P.O. Box 13038
Lansing, MI   48901

American Bar Association Writing Competitions
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Topic: The ABA sponsors a number of writing competitions on a wide variety of subjects. The deadlines vary; please consult the information for the specific competition in which you are interested to determine the relevant deadline.
Award: Prizes differ from competition to competition; please consult the information for the specific competition in which you are interested to determine the prizes for that competition.
Deadline: 01/01/2050
Contact Information:
American Bar Association
Law Student Division
321 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL   60654