Candidates and Statements

1L Day Senators:

  • Jacob Goldstein:: "I would like to participate in SBA on behalf of the DU law class of 2020. I believe that as an SBA Senator, I can help foster relationships among students and be a fierce advocate addressing the issues and needs of the class of 2020. There are two main areas that I would work to address as an SBA Senator. First, I would work to bridge the gap between 1L sections. Although we spend the majority of our time within our individual sections, I believe that it is important for us to form relationships with students outside of our own sections which can serve us well throughout law school and beyond. Second, I believe it is important for my fellow students to build relationships with professors and administrators during our tenure at DU Law. Our professors and administrators are extremely knowledgeable and there is so much more that we can learn from them in addition to the black letter law within the classroom. I believe that the goals I have and would like to bring to SBA would promote the development of a strong community among the class of 2020, the professors, and the school administration."
  • Andrea Duby: "I would like to participate in SBA on behalf of my class because I would like to positively impact DU during my time here, and particularly, for my class. I have always had an interest in politics and I think SBA would be a valuable experience in serving the DU community similarly to how a real senator serves their community. I love talking to people and hearing their ideas, so I would love to integrate the suggestions of others to help enrich the lives of the student body here at DU Sturm College of Law. The issues impacting student life at DU that are important to me are issues concerning the environment and community outreach. While these issues are important to me, the issues that are important to my class will also be vocalized if I am elected senator. Specifically, I would like to see more funding towards the environmental groups, as well as implementing small things that could improve student life here, for example, breakfast burritos in the cafe. As I become more aware of what issues need to be addressed here at DU, I believe this statement can and will evolve."
  • Elizabeth Desits: "On behalf of the DU law class of 2020, I would be honored to serve on the SBA's 1L spot. As a senator, I believe I would be an asset to the entire class. I would love to help bring together the different sections as getting to know all classmates and future colleagues will be helpful for fostering relationships, both personally and professionally. I would also like to build more networking opportunities for students with faculty. There are so many great events, but maybe a more comfortable, informal setting would ease the minds of nervous 1L students. I am prepared to work hard for my class."

1L Evening Senator:

  • Kaley Rickert:

    "I, Kaley Rickert, am excited to submit my candidacy to represent the 1L evening section on the Student Bar Association. The evening students have the unique challenge of balancing full-time employment with a successful legal education; oftentimes with the additional pressures of children and other responsibilities that require their time and attention. As such, evening program students are, traditionally, not as engaged with the rest of the student body. This is a universal problem affecting all Denver Law students as the evening program, with many individuals having spent significant time working in a variety of fields, have a plethora of diverse experiences and insights to offer that would enrich the student body experience.

    My goal is to create more opportunities for evening students to engage with their colleagues across the board. I hope to succeed in this endeavor by optimizing communications with the evening program to ensure that all students are informed of events and announcements. This includes organizing engaging events that intermingle evening and day students as well as 2L and 3L students. I also would like to increase administrative access for evening students by lobbying for flexible office-hours in addition to scheduling evening and weekend events with Deans and Department Heads to provide internal networking opportunities that fit evening student’s busy schedules. Lastly, if elected, I have a goal of ensuring that evening students have the same access to resources, staff, lunch-and-learn events, on-campus recruitment opportunities, and free coffee in equal proportions as our day student counterparts.

    Speaking to my qualifications to adequately represent the evening section, I believe my track record of engagement in many aspects of the University speaks for itself. This will be my eighth year on campus. Previously as a student, I served on the executive boards of numerous organizations, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including the cabinet of the Undergraduate Student Government. I now work full-time in the development office for the Division of Athletics and Recreation. As such, I am on campus six days a week and I have extensive access to the administrative and alumni network of the entire University as well as flexibility to properly engage with SBA, campus and Law administration, and the student bodies of both the day and evening programs. I am happy to share a complete CV with whomever may be interested. That being said, I am passionate about providing fulfilling experiences for University of Denver students, alumni, and community members and I would be honored to represent the 1L evening section on the 2017-2018 Student Bar Association."

This election period has already passed. It ran from 9:00 am on Friday, September 8, 2017 to 3:00 pm on Friday, September 8, 2017.