Student Organizations

SBA Election

Candidates and Statements


  • Sara Lockhart: "Over the past academic year, the Student Bar Association has had some wonderful successes. We have reinstated and acknowledged new student organizations, addressed many student concerns, assisted in interviewing potential future faculty members, strengthened our relationship with the Graduate Student Government and the Sturm College of Law administration, and we have voted to create a 3L need based scholarship to help with bar expenses to which we endowed $50,000. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to continue to lead the SBA in the next academic year. I strongly believe that the SBA can continue to create a more enjoyable experience for students, increase student involvement in administrative decisions, focus on student organization funding, and zealously address student concerns. Thank you for considering me for your 2018-2019 SBA President."

Day Division Vice President:

  • Jacob Goldstein: "As a senator, I had the pleasure of representing the 1L class. I was able to voice student concerns, support student groups, and be a strong advocate for 1Ls when talking to the administration. I was honored to play a role in the decision to endow $50,000’s to create a scholarship given to a graduating 3L with financial need to pay for their bar application fee. The endowment will grow and provide many scholarships in the years to come. I also had the chance to participate in interviews of perspective professors. My line of questioning focused on how the professors would join the DU Law community and support their students.

    On the other hand, after a year of SBA, there are issues that I feel warrant more attention. Specifically, I want to create a robust system of airing student concerns. SBA is a representation of our student body, and we fall short of our goals if any student concerns go unheard. Our Senators do a wonderful job of listening to student concerns and voicing them at meetings. However, with only 2 senators for a class of over 200 students, it is impossible to hear them all. I want to work with the next SBA to create an online forum where students can express their concerns anonymously. It is important that a student concern can still be heard, even if they don’t get a chance to talk to one of their representatives. Lastly, I want to continue to find ways to improve the SBA’s ability to better support its students and student groups. One way I am doing that now is by working to update bylaws, specifically in the area of financing. If a member of a student group has ever tried to plan an event with food, you would have undoubtedly asked the question of how do I tip for the food? The answer is, out of your own pocket. I do not think this is fair to our student groups, which are so vital to the community and life of a DU law student. I am currently working on an amendment to the bylaws to update financing to allow for students and student groups to factor tipping into their budget requests. As the Vice President of SBA, I would continue to find ways to improve the community and life for students and student groups."

Evening Division Vice President:

  • Alyssa Kittell: "I would like to participate in SBA on behalf of the evening division, because I recognize the unique challenges that evening division students face and have a schedule that allows me to participate in a meaningful way. I feel that since I have time to do so, I should advocate for my fellow evening students in regard to availability/accommodation in class and event scheduling, guidance from the administration throughout the law school process, as well as the reasonableness of graduation requirements and professors’ class expectations.

    Firstly, I plan to push for more transparency within class scheduling and availability of certificate classes to evening students. Second, I’d like to create a podcast library of the various noontime talks put on student groups and the school throughout the semester. Although, they cannot attend and take advantage of networking opportunities, evening students would love to hear the content of these talks. Lastly, I would like to continue to bring an evening student perspective to faculty interviews and interactions with the Law School Administration and greater community."


  • Hailey Loher: "As the current Treasurer of SBA, I am knowledgeable about the current regulations and the way the SBA works. I know what needs to be changed in our current format and with that knowledge I will be able to provide the incoming SBA with recommendations I know will work. I am well informed and prepared to make a smooth transition into the new academic year. I want to come into the next academic year making our finance requirements easier to understand and to work with the incoming treasurers of student organizations."


  • Elisabeth (Lisa) Caris: "My name is Elisabeth Caris, and I am running for SBA secretary for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am currently a 1L (in section 3). I attended the University of Rochester in New York for my undergraduate career, and spent the past year in the Netherlands working on my Masters in Epidemiology. I am ecstatic to be back in the great state of Colorado, and grateful to be part of the DU community. I am hoping to combine my undergraduate and master degrees in science to focus on intellectual property law.

    I am proud to be part of the DU Law student body, and am running for SBA because I want to work on behalf of my peers and enrich our experience as students. It goes without saying that the academics are rigorous; however, our learning environment is filled with an incredible student body! SBA has always worked on behalf of the student body, and I know that I can effectively communicate with students to maximize our experience.

    I have held various leadership positions, including past involvement with student council during my time as an undergraduate. These experiences have been incredibly rewarding, and I am confident in my ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with others, resourcefully organize and structure minutes, and make meaningful contributions within SBA.

    As secretary, I promise to maintain clear, substantive notes and minutes of meetings, assure that the SBA Bulletin Board and Website are consistently up to date, and commit to transparent communication with the student body.

    Vote Elisabeth Caris for 2018-2019 SBA Secretary!"

2L Day Division Senator:

  • Cole Pokard: "Throughout my 1L year I have seen many students ask and have been the one asking on multiple occasions, “what section, what year, who is that.” There is a large disconnect at DU Law, not only from the students and professors, but among students to students. With my past leadership experience during undergrad and my 1L year, I believe I can make a difference within our 2L class, and all the law school classes. There needs to be more comradery between the classes. We are all in the same boat and can provide insights that as a 1L or 2L we may not have thought of. During my term in office I plan to create a cohesive unit with the 2L class and the other classes. We need to come together as a school to accomplish our individual goals and the goals of the student body. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to vote and considering me for the positon of your 2L Senator."

  • Jordan Staley: "I would like to be involved in the SBA to represent my fellow students as well as provide a voice to the diverse and underrepresented students of the law school to ensure that all voices are heard. I would like to promote open discussion within the academic atmosphere of the school and encourage all students to feel comfortable expressing their views here at Denver law. My hope is that underrepresented students feel comfortable enough to share their perspectives and to participate in more open dialogue. For my term in office, I would like to actively promote cooperation amongst the student groups, such as multiple groups hosting an event covering a common issue of interest or concern."

Evening Senator:

  • Kaley Rickert: "I, Kaley Rickert, am excited to submit my candidacy to continue to represent evening sections on the Student Bar Association. This past year I served as the 1L-Evening Senator and I co-chaired SBA’s Community Outreach Committee. In my role on SBA and as co-chair of the Community Outreach Committee, I strove to objectively represent the interests of evening students as we tackled funding for student-organizations, tuition and registration concerns, the future of the hybrid Lawyering Process class for evening students, the gender neutrality of our library restrooms, and Law Café food and beverage offerings. I also will serve on the Bar Application Scholarship Committee this month to set guidelines for the 3L and 4LE scholarship the SBA endowed this year to assist students in need with the financial burden of the Bar application.

    I personally have taken greater responsibility over the concern of Congress’s consideration of legislation that would decrease access to graduate education. As co-chair of the Community Outreach I co-authored a letter to the student body informing you that SBA has supported CU-Law’s lobbying efforts against the PROSPER Act, shared information on proposed the changes to graduate student aid and encouraged each of you to reach out to your Representatives.

    The evening students have the unique challenge of balancing full-time employment with a successful legal education; oftentimes with the additional pressures of children and other responsibilities that require their time and attention. As such, evening program students are, traditionally, not as engaged with the rest of the student body. This is a universal problem affecting all Denver Law students as the evening program, with many individuals having spent significant time working in a variety of fields, have a plethora of diverse experiences and insights to offer that would enrich the student body experience.

    My goal is to create more opportunities for evening students to engage with their colleagues across the board. I also would like to continue to increase administrative access for evening students by lobbying for flexible office-hours in addition to scheduling evening and weekend events with Deans and Department Heads to provide internal networking opportunities that fit evening student’s busy schedules.

    I believe that involvement in the University. Next year, I will serve as the President of Business Law Society and the Treasurer of Sports & Entertainment Law Society next year. I also work full-time in the development office for the Division of Athletics and Recreation. As such, I am on campus six days a week and I have extensive access to the administrative and alumni network of the entire University as well as flexibility to properly engage with SBA, campus and Law administration, and the student bodies of both the day and evening programs I am passionate about providing fulfilling experiences for University of Denver students, alumni, and community members and I would be honored to continue to represent the evening division on the 2018-2019 Student Bas Association."

  • Serena Ahmad: "I want to participate in SBA because I want my class to have a voice. The evening students have very specialized concerns that need to be addressed. Some issues are safety of the parking garage and the organization of it. I would like to see the safety of the campus improved overall, but especially a stronger Campus Safety presence at night. I have already initiated conversations with Liz Winberry and Dean Boynton. I plan to turn that conversation into a big change."