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The Fall 2014 election period has passed.

SBA Elections - Fall 2014

Election Rules:

  • All 1L Day (Full-Time) students can vote for three candidates for:
    • 1L Day Senator

  • All 1L Evening students (class of 2018) can vote for one candidate for:
    • 1L Evening Senator

SBA Fall 2014 Election Candidates

1L Day Senator| 1L Evening Senator

1L Day Senator

1L Evening Senator

Suren Bhuvanenthiran
Suren Bhuvanenthiran

I would like to be a bridge of communication between the day division and evening division and I would also like to help my fellow evening division students communicate their frustrations or dissatisfaction with certain policies that work against us. I am also trying to provide a platform on which all law students, regardless of division will be able to reach out to me with any problems they need help with.

Jason Haubenreiser
Jason Haubenreiser

SBA is effectively the acting student government for the law school, and as such, has the potential to effect lasting change across an intelligent, and diverse group of professionals. As one of these individuals, with a common vested interest in the concerns of my peers, and the sincere intention to further such endeavors; I submit my candidacy for the Evening Division senator. I hope to galvanize a strong culture of professionalism, good will, and comradery, with an aspiration to pay it forward and the ambition to "do and be good and well."