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The 2015 Fall SBA Elections will be held from Friday, September 4, at 9:00 AM through Tuesday, September 8, at 4:00 PM.

SBA Elections - Fall 2015

Election Rules:

  • All 1L Day (Full-Time) students can vote for three candidates for:
    • 1L Day Senator

  • All 1L Evening students (class of 2019) can vote for one candidate for:
    • 1L Evening Senator

SBA Fall 2015 Election Candidates

1L Day Senator| 1L Evening Senator

1L Day Senator

Maverick Flowers

My name is Maverick Flowers and I am running to represent you as a 1L Senator, and be your voice for SBA.

As the name implies, I am not here to maintain the status quo. I prefer to shake things up in the pursuit of something better. After all, as President Kennedy once said, "Conformity is the jailor of freedom, and the enemy of growth." It is our duty as a whole to pursue excellence. Now, we all may have different interpretations of what excellence encompasses. For example, to some it could mean creating more networking opportunities to help ensure a good job upon graduation. To others, it could mean continuing to foster an atmosphere in which a strong work life balanced is both encouraged, and achieved. Despite the infinite variety of ideals, we each hold defining our, "Pursuit of Excellence," the primary focus for me is that we all encourage and support each other on this journey to achieve those aspirations and goals.

Call me an optimist, but I believe with such a diverse and talented 1L class we are most certainly going to find some incredible ideas to improve our experience before we finish our time here at DU, and for those who come after us. I am readily available to any of you for whatever questions or concerns you may have. I will always make myself accessible to you. I have the utmost confidence is our 1L class, and I hope that y’all share that confidence in me. It would be both a privilege and an honor to serve as your 1L Senator. I humbly ask for your vote.

Benjamin Floyd

I believe that by joining the SBA as a representative of our class, I will be able to establish a more direct line of communication for concerns between my class of 2018 and the law school. Because they divided the class into sections, there is a parable sense of fragmentation between the sections of our year. It is my goal to unite these sections under the SBA in order to aid in furthering our legal education. It is important to me that we are not just individual law students or sections, but that we are a cohesive class of 2018.

Chloe Gleichman

Law school can feel a bit like casting yourself into the open sea naked without ever having learned to swim. There are times when you're gasping for air, wishing someone had provided you with the most basic of snorkels. There are times when you look around and it seems like everyone else has found a lifeboat except for you. There are times when you're swimming and feel pretty good, but still can’t really tell if you're truly going anywhere. It becomes easy to forget that we all jumped into the water for a reason, and the ocean is beautiful place.

The culture of law school is one of much stress and pressure, and that feeling of I'm-not-doing-enough is abundant and insidious. This anxiety and tension wears away at our psyches and perpetuates itself into the larger legal world, creating a profession where many are sadly dissatisfied, overworked, depressed, and suffering from a loss of grounding and deep-seated purpose.

But this is not how it has to be. We can halt the continuation of this adverse trend and reinvigorate our profession with passion, soul, and balance, and that begins right now: in law school!

As one of your 1L senators, I will encourage the student body to remember the reasons we jumped into this ocean. I will amplify the voices of individuals; foster a culture of happy, healthy, successful, and satisfied future attorneys; and infuse the school with the elements of humanity that can be lost when the pressures and stresses of academic rigor and professional responsibility become overwhelming. After all, we are a service-oriented profession whose ability to be effective and successful depends upon the health of each of us as humans and professionals. I would be honored to represent the 1L class as your senator, and I hope we can work together to make our experience at this fine institution one that’s exciting, challenging, fun, and fulfilling.

N. Rioux Jordan

I'd like to represent you as your 1L day Senator! Why? Because your student experience matters, and I have a history of effectively representing it. I've spent the last two years in the Judicial Branch at Colorado State University becoming the Chief Justice, head of the branch, and I've worked with Colorado Legislators in the Colorado General Assembly. I won’t be so arrogant as to assume I know the problems we'll face at the Law School face after barely being here for two weeks. What I do know is that my combined experience has prepared me to overcome any learning curve and get straight to resolving issues.

I firmly believe a student government operates most effectively when it's proactively reactive. That means I can't assume that the problems I face are the same as the problems any other student faces. That means I will available to listen to problems any student may have and I will put my full effort into solving them however I can - that might mean leveraging the representative power of the SBA, or connecting that student with other resources that already exists. To accomplish this, I intend to hold consistent office hours every week to be available to everyone.

We trust the SBA with a great deal of money; we deserve fiscal accountability. I have served on a Student Fee Review Board that handled over 50 Million dollars of student fees and I had a hand in developing the 2 Million dollar current operating budget for in use by Colorado State University's Student Government. With these experiences under my belt, I will ensure that what money the SBA distributes is used fiscally responsibly, so as students we’ll all get the biggest bang for our buck.

So who is asking to represent you? I'm Rioux Jordan, a Colorado native born and raised, hailing from Colorado Springs. My background is in Political Science, and when I’m not buried behind books for law school, you’ll find me writing short stories or wood working, that is if I'm not out in the mountains rock climbing or hiking! Your concerns are my concerns, and together we can make solutions.

Steven Mieskoski

As 1L Senator I desire to work toward providing accommodations to take a little of the stress out of the most stressful year of law school. To provide amenities, and events to give everyone a little well needed reprieve. From coffee, to pizza, or other small comforts to social events where everyone can relax for a moment and let off some steam. To provide a sense of community, create connections between all the 1L sections, and facilitate informal connections and friendships between 1Ls and 2Ls or 3Ls. In conjunction with being a voice and avenue for general and individual 1L concerns.

Nick Smiley

Bottom line: Electing me, Nick Smiley, to be a SBA Day Division Senator would be a great way to get your voice and opinions into action. My top priority is getting feedback from members of the 2018 class and transforming those thoughts into tangible results. I don't have a laundry list of reforms that I feel overwhelmingly compelled to put in place because, like you, I have only been a student here for a few short weeks. What I do have however, is a desire to listen to other students, get input from our classmates, and make those ideas a reality. For example, today a friend suggested free communal tea and coffee in the student lounge on the 3rd floor. That idea is not exactly going to change the world but that's an idea work starting with (and it might make that 9 AM class more manageable). Whatever ideas you have, I am happy to help move them forward. Thanks for your time and thanks for your vote!

Jennifer Stoot

My name is Jennifer Stoot and I am running to be a Student Bar Association 1L representative. It would be my honor to help my fellow classmates have an enjoyable, enriching, and meaningful experience at The University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

The accommodating atmosphere I found here on my initial visit to DU and my native ties to Colorado are what supported my decision to attend law school here. After only a few weeks, I see that my first impression about the school were correct. I have found continuous support from fellow 1Ls, upper level students, and my professors. I believe it is extremely important for us all to understand that we are in law school as a collective unit and we can help each other be successful in the process.

The primary values of Student Bar Association resound with me. Upon learning that SBA's objectives include sponsoring both academic and social activities for its members, I was thrilled to find a group that encouraged a sound work/life balance. SBA aims to represent us students in acting as a liaison between the students, faculty, and the Colorado community. Having a supportive community system within the law school is an asset because it provides students with a connection to the law school outside of the classroom.

I desire to help my classmates smoothly transition into law school, connect with our future colleagues, and create long lasting meaningful memories about the University of Denver. I also firmly want them to know that they have a voice at the school. I am enthusiastic about hearing and listening to the students’ needs and wishes and represent them to the best of my ability within the Student Bar Association.

I think the 1L position is important to the SBA organization in order to get an accurate representation of the new students in the law school and what they need to be successful during their first year. I have had the opportunity to meet with numerous students in the 1L class and I can state that we are an intelligent, driven, and diverse group. It is because of these reasons that I would like to represent them. With their support, I will do all I can to make sure the 1L viewpoint is heard, understood, respected, and incorporated into DU law student life.

Leeda Wood

While I am clearly new to the entire law school experience, I want to involve myself with the Student Bar Association because I am obviously not the only student experiencing all of this for the very first time.

As a whole, the 1L class not only needs but deserves representation in this particular organization. Having a voice to speak for this particular group of students is imperative to making their law school experience everything it can be. While the concerns of the Class of 2018 may be broad, and so far, majorly undiscovered, having someone who stands on their behalf would ensure that, as new concerns and questions arise, they are heard on a platform that has the potential to achieve the desired resolution.

Personally, my questions and curiosities about this experience include how well I will be able to attain my ultimate goal after I've completed my education, and what skills I can procure in making sure I am as prepared as possible for what comes next. I would greatly like to provide input in ways that law students of all years can obtain the valuable resources that will help them reach their chosen destination. Those resources can include networking opportunities, social interactions, and influential discussions about pertinent and pressing topics in our society or chosen field.

The Student Bar Association provides so many opportunities for us, as law students, to improve ourselves, and our experiences. I would be honored to be a representative member of the Class of 2018 and aid in making those opportunities even more worthwhile for my classmates and all of my fellow law students.

1L Evening Senator