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The Fall 2012 election period has passed.

SBA 1L Runoff Election - Fall 2012

Election Rules:

  • All 1L Day (Full-Time) students can vote for one candidate for:
    • 1L Day Senator

1L Day Senator

Anna Fullerton
My main motivation is my desire to advocate on behalf of my fellow classmates. I genuinely enjoy getting to know others and listening to their frustrations, questions, and desires for law school. I have already heard from several students a concern about health and wellness on campus (specifically a desire for healthier vending machines and standing desks). I also see a need for networking skills training for 1Ls.

J. Kirk McGill

Greetings fellow First Year law students:

My name is Joshua Kirk McGill and I have the honor to be a candidate for the position of Senator in the Student Bar Association (SBA) representing the First Year (Day Division) students. Several of our classmates felt I would make a good advocate for the First Year students, and nominated me for this position, perhaps because I have a reputation for standing up for justice when faced with a choice between what is right, and what is easy – regardless of personal cost (see, e.g. Therefore, I am happy to serve if you believe I would best represent your interests to the SBA.

I do not yet know most of you enough to put forward objectives for my term should I be honored with election. Rather, my objective if elected would be to seek out your concerns, and work to remedy them. To that end, I would (if elected) hold 'town hall' style meetings before SBA sessions on Wednesday afternoons (likely from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and anyone could come for as long or as short as they like) where any of you could come to me and discuss your questions/comments/concerns, etc. I would also create an email address specifically for you to communicate with me throughout my service. That way I can take your actual concerns to the SBA, rather than what I think are your concerns. In short, I would base my activities and advocacy on your interests. That is, after all, how democracy is supposed to work.

If you think my platform would benefit your interests as a First Year law student, I encourage you to consider voting for me as a 1L Senator!

Respectfully submitted,

Joshua Kirk McGill

Andrew Tawil
Andrew Tawil
In my experience, participating within a Student Government is perhaps one of the most fulfilling things I have accomplished. I believe my desire to participate in SBA is rooted in that aforementioned experience. I conform to the notion that law school is an endeavor that should not be pursued alone. In this, I view that the individual performance of each student, is contingent upon the cohesion of the overall class. Issues that could hinder this cohesion range from failing to provide necessities such as class study sessions and BBQs, to intricate essentials, such as ensuring diverse thinking and acceptance. In running for 1L senate, I am of the opinion that my goals for office should focus on class solidarity, professional networking, and summer preparedness. Class solidarity should emphasize academic advancement, as well as social connectivity. Professional networking should creatively expose students to the myriad of employment options available. And finally, summer preparedness should focus on encouraging students into discovering where their interests in law may exist. Overall, my aspiration is to provide the 1L class with whatever they believe necessary to succeeding in their first year at DU Law.