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Spring 2014 Schedule

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Accounting for LawyersL400610013Bowers, Stacey2901:15PM-2:30PMM,W40
Administrative LawL402510033Williams, Zeke1554:15PM-5:30PMM,W40
Advanced Family LawL403010413Clark, Laurie3139:00AM-11:30AMS30
Advanced Legal ResearchL403510043ULWAustin, DebraRoom 2594:30PM-5:45PMM,W12
Advanced Legal Writing SeminarL465110073ULWHurley, Timothy4104:15PM-5:30PMT,R15
Advanced Legal Writing SeminarL465110053ULWBruce, Teresa1451:15PM-2:30PMM,W15
Advanced Legal Writing SeminarL465110063ULWBruce, Teresa1452:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Advanced MediationL403111443Hartje, JeffreyArrangedArranged10Clinic Class
Advanced Torts Collaborative LawyeringL4702 - ATCL11424Best, Arthur4372:45PM-4:00PmM,W12Professor permission only. Students should place themselves on the wait list.
Alternative Dispute ResolutionL406010083Stone, Jim2599:00AM-10:15AMT,R30
Appellate AdvocacyL400310123Jones, JerryRoom 3132:45PM-4:00PMT,R10
Applied Leadership and Management Theory (Online)M415112173Bolton, Brad / Seigneur, RonOnlineOnlineOnline15Second Professor: Ron Seigneur MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Basic Criminal ProcedureL420010143Miccio, KristianRoom 17010:30AM-11:45AMT,R40
Basic TaxL410012374Lodico, Isaac2708:30AM-10:10AMT,R50
Business Development: Marketing and Client Services (Online)L470312133Beese, MarkOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Capstone: Externship/Creative ProjectM501012294Kentnor, HopeOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Civil Law Systems of Latin America - Cancelled Due to Low EnrollmentL470111413Juarez, BetoCANCELLED4:15PM-5:30PMT,R15
Civil Litigation ClinicL4805/48061208/12093Kuennen, Tamara / O'Laughlin, Colleen49910:30AM-11:45AMT,R10Second Professor: Colleen O'Laughlin. Students must enroll for this course through the clinic
Civil Procedure (Advanced) - CANCELLEDL40283Hardaway, Bob125CANCELLED15
Civil Rights ClinicL4809/48121210/12113Rovner, Laura41010:30AM-11:45AMM,W10Students must enroll for this course through the clinic
Community Econ Dev Clinic & SeminarL4703/47031160/11613ULWCrowder, Patience1554:30PM-7:00PMT20Students must enroll for this course throughthe clinic
Comparative Environment LawL413710163Smith, Don2594:30PM-5:45PMT,R20International Human Rights students have priority.
Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law CANCELLEDL470111683Smith, Catherine4101:15PM-3:45PMT15Class Cancelled Due to Low Enrollment
Conflict of LawsL416010173Juarez, Beto2591:15PM-2:30PMT,R30
Consitutional Law - 2L416410194Chen, Alan1559:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R65
Constitutional Law - 1L416410224Hughes, Mark125T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F35This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 3A& 3BL416410214Aviel, Rebecca170T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F35This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 3C & 3DL416410204Farrell, Ian280T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F65This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 4L416410234Hughes, Mark12510:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F65
Constitutional Law IIL416610243Johns, Scott2702:45PM-4:00PMT,R15
Constitutional Rights/Remedies Capstone - CancelledL470211545Kamin, Sam / Leong, Nancy14512:00PM-2:30PMT,R10Seond Professor: Nancy Leong. Professor Permission Only with preference given to third year day students or fourth year evening students. Course will total 6 credit hours.
Contracts - 1L417510284Chao, Bernard180M 9:00AM-10:10AM, T,F - 10:30AM-11:40AMM,T,F65
Contracts - 2L417510294Arnow-Richman, Rachel190T 1:15PM-2:30PM, W 2:45PM-4:00PM, F 1:15PM-2:30PMMT,W,F65This Class meets Tuesday 1:15PM-2:30PM, Wednesday 2:45PM-4:00PM & Friday 1:15PM -2:30PM
Contracts - 3L417510314Banks, Katina2559:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R65
Corporate Compliance - Class Cancelled by ProfessorL470111692Bender, Jim1702:45PM-4:25PMM15
Corporate DraftingL418111433ULWTaylor, Celia4991:15PM-2:30PMT,R12Professor Permission Only
Corporate DraftingL418110333ULWBowers, Stacey2709:00AM-10:15AMM,W15Professor Permission - Corp/Comm Law Program students will have priority - Students should place themselves on wait list.
Corporate DraftingL418112673Hurley, Timothy4109:00AM-10:15AMM,W12
Corporate Reorganization: Chapter 11 BankruptcyL470111704Sousa, Michael14510:20AM-12:00PMM,W20Professor permisson only. Students must have taken Bankruptcy Law to register. Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Corporate Social ResponsibilityL413310383ULWSiebecker, Michael4501:15PM-3:45PMW12Professor Permission Only - Modern learning course with various drafting, research, and negotiation exercises involved. Human Rights Certificate Program Course - Priority may be given to program students
CorporationsL419010394Soma, John25512:50PM-2:30PMT,R50
Court Case Flow/Load Management (Online)M418012192Ehrlich, SteveOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Court Fiscal Management (Online)M410012153Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Criminal Defense ClinicL4800/48011200/12073Lasch, Christopher3131:15PM-2:30PMT,R10Second Professor: Robin Walker Sterling
Criminal Law - 4C & 4DL419510344Ehrenreich, Nancy255T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, W 4:15PM - 5:25PMT,W,R65This Class meets Tuesday,Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Wednesday 4:15PM-5:25PM
Criminal Law (Advanced)L401810353Garcia, Charles1459:00AM-10:15AMT,R20
Criminal Law-4A & 4BL419512764Kamin, Sam2701:15PM-2:30PMT,W,R
Criminal Procedure (Advanced)L402610373Marceau, Justin1251:15PM-2:30PMT,R40
Criminal Procedure (Basic)L420010403Edwards, DanielRoom 49911:40AM-2:10PMS22
Crimmigration Law SeminarL470411723Garcia Hernandez, Cesar45010:30AM-11:45AMM,W15
Day One: Criminal Practice LabL470811643Halsor, ChrisRoom 2598:00AM-5:00PMF12Course will meet for 10 hours on 6 Fridays. Tentative schedule from 1/31 to 3/7.
Discovery PracticumL421810433ULWThomson, David2701:30PM-4:00PMF20
Education LawL470411733Gebhardt, Kathleen4101:15PM-2:30PMM,W15
Election Law - CANCELLEDL423610443Trachman, WillCANCELLED4:15PM-5:30PMT,R15Cancelled Due to Low Enrollment
Emerging International Standards for Sustainable Development of Natural ResourcesL470211553Danielson, Luke / Dalupan, Cecilia1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su50Second Professor: Cecilia Dalupan.This Course will meet April 11-13th and April 25th - 27th.
Environmental Appellate AdvocacyL470911652Davis, KellyRoom 4374:10PM-5:50PMT,R10Professor permission only - please wait list. Cap of 9 students. Class meets only from start of semester to 02/27/14
Environmental Enforcement - Cancelled due to low enrollmentL470611863Kreutzer, David / Neuman, Chris1453:45PM-5:45PMR18Second Professor: Chris Neuman
Environmental LawL422010453Ornstein, Peter1704:15PM-5:30PMM,W40
Environmental Law ClinicL4206/48021145/11463Harris, Michael / Lynch, Kevin1451:15PM-2:30PMT,R13Second Professor: Kevin Lynch
Environmental Law WorkshopL470911663ULWPidot, Justin49912:45PM-3:15PMM15Professor permission only. Students should place themselves on the wait list.
Equal Protection SeminarL470611853Pollvogt, Susannah1254:15PM-5:30PMT,R30
Estate and Gift TaxL422512433Logemann, Rex3703:15PM-5:05PMT,R5Winter Quarter Cross-listed tax class - contact Registrar's Office for registration: Course runs from January 6 to March 14, 2014.
EvidenceL423510474Edwards, DanielRoom 4998:00AM-11:20AMS22
EvidenceL423510464Best, Arthur1909:00AM-10:10AMM,W,R75
EvidenceL470212386Hardaway, Bob T:355, R:1551:15PM-3:45PMT,R50Course will be 6 hours. Students will be registered for one additional hour.
Evidence PracticumL42373Hyatt, SheilaRoom 3552:45PM-4:00PMM,W16
Evidence PracticumL423710493Hyatt, SheilaRoom 35510:30AM-11:45AMM,W16
ExternshipL50251250Vessels, AnnStudents should wait list for the appropriate number of credits and then contact the Externship Office for further instructions.
Family LawL424010513Aviel, Rebecca15510:30AM-11:45AMT,R25
Family LawL424010523Bryan, Penelope2552:45PM-4:00PMM,W30
Federal Appellate Workshop (directed research)1300
Federal CourtsL425010533Kwoka, Margaret1701:15PM-2:30PMM,W30
Federal Indian lawL430010543McCoy, Padraic4379:00AM-11:30AMM12Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Gender and the LawL426010553Bryan, Penelope2599:00AM-10:15AMM,W20Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Global Climate Change Law & PolicyL425911473Halvorssen, Anita1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su15This Course will meet January 31st- February 2nd and February 21st -23rd.
Health LawL427610563ULWHammond, Byron1702:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Hybrid Immigration Externship Program SeminarL470611873Graybill, Lisa480F2:45PM-5:30PMR11
Impact of Court GovernanceL470711931Langham, GregOnlineOnlineOnline15
Inclusiveness and Diversity (Short Course) - Class Cancelled Due to Low EnrollmentM418112201Nalty, Kathleen / Davis, Yvonne4104:10PM - 5:50PMM15Second Professor: Yvonne Davis. This Course meets 7 Mondays
International and Comparative Law ResearchL470911912Condra, Karina1252:45PM-3:55PMM,W15This class only runs 10 weeks until March 31st.
International Commercial ArbitrationL434110613Shill, Greg14510:30AM-11:45AMT,R12Priority Registration given to IBT LLMs and joint JD/LLMs
International Criminal Law PracticumL430310623Akerson, David3139:00AM-10:15AMM,W8Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International Environmental Law - Class Cancelled Due to Low EnrollmentL431710633Wiersema, Annecoos1701:15PM-2:30PMT,R50Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International InvestmentsL470711623Leung, Kenneth1801:15PM-2:30PMM,W9Priority to LLM students - Please wait list
International LawL432010653Rhodes, Paula2804:15PM-5:30PMT,R25Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International Law and the Use of ForceL430910663Akerson, David1552:45PM-4:00PMM,W28Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Intl Human RightsL431912363ULWRhodes, Paula31310:30AM-11:45AMT,R14Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Introduction to Intellectual PropertyL431010673Chao, Bernard1902:45PM-4:00PMT,R50
Islamic Law & Human RightsL470711903Kazerooni, Ibrahim4101:15PM-4:00PMR15Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Judicial Performance and EvaluationL470912212Howell, Jane / TBA, OnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
JurisprudenceL434510693Miccio, Kristian4501:15PM-2:30PMT,R20
JurisprudenceL434510683Ehrenreich, Nancy19010:30AM-11:45AMT,R35
Juvenile LawL435010703Richardson, Edward18010:30AM-11:45AMM,W20
Labor LawL435510713Corrada, Roberto49910:30AM-11:45AMW,F20
Land Conservation TransactionsL435810723Jay, Jessica480F9:00AM-12:30PMM11This course will meet on January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3, 10, and 31st
Law Firm Communications and Technology (Online)M43853Koelling, DemetraOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Law Firm Financial Management (Online)M490112273Smith, SondraOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Lawyering Process 1AL438610783Anderson, RobertRoom 25910:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 1BL438610793Bartholomew, TanyaRoom 25510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 1CL438610803Anderson, RobertRoom 2591:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 1DL438610813Bartholomew, TanyaRoom 2801:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 2AL438610823Ruan Rogers, NantiyaRoom 15510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 2BL438610833Caldwell, KateRoom 28010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 2CL438610843Thomson, DavidRoom 2551:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 2DL438610853Caldwell, KateRoom 1551:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 3AL438610863Brewer, KellyRoom 12510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 3BL438610873Brewer, KellyRoom 1251:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 3CL438610883Austin, DebraRoom 2592:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 3DL438610893Moran, SuzannaRoom 2702:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 4AL438610903Campbell, JohnRoom 27010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 4BL438610913McElroy, LisaRoom 17010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process 4CL438610923McElroy, LisaRoom 1901:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process 4DL438610933Campbell, JohnRoom 2802:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Legal Analysis StrategiesL403210943Johns, Scott1804:15PM-5:30PMT,R90
Legal Externship Program: Child Advocacy PracticumL480710962Fordyce, Betsy480F2:45PM-4:25PMM10Students must place themselves on the wait list for two (2) externship credits.
Legal Externship Seminar: CorporateL4705-511771Vessels, Ann4504:15PM-5:55pmT12This course meets 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 4/1, 4/15, 4/22
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial PlacementsL4705-911831Pollvogt, Susannah1454:15PM-5:55pmW12This course meets 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 4/2, 4/16, 4/23
Legal Externship Seminar: Non-ProfitL4705-811821Freeman, Alexi1554:15PM-5:55pmR12This course meets 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, 4/3, 4/17, 4/24
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-611791Velte, Kyle3134:15PM-5:55pmW12This course meets 1/15, 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-611781Peyton, Ryann4504:15PM-5:55pmT12This course meets 1/14, 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8
Legal ProfessionL442511003Vigil, Dan1801:15PM-2:30PMT,R40
Legal ProfessionL442510973Pepper, Steve45010:30AM-11:45AMT,R14Limited enrollment, discussion format
Legal ProfessionL442510983Sterling, Joyce19010:30AM-11:45AMM,W66
Mediation and Arbitration Clinic and SeminarL4430/48031148/11495Hartje, Jeffrey3132:45PM-4:15PMW102 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits
Mining LawL444511023Benson, Joel4999:00AM-10:15AMM,W20
Multiculturalism, Race and the LawL444611033Goel, Rashmi4102:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Neg Draft Intl Bus ContextL470411574Cai, Phoenix4372:20PM-4:00PMT,R12Students are strongly advised to NOT take this course unless they have previously taken (at least one) International Mergers & Acquisitions, Mergers & Acquisitions, or Corporations
Negotiation and MediationL446011513Hartje, Jeffrey2704:15PM-5:30PMT,R20
Oil & Gas LawL446511063Jones, Kendor4374:15PM-5:30PMM,W12
Partnership TaxationL448112463Vogel, Mark3703:15PM-5:05PMM,W5Spring Quarter Cross-listed tax class - contact Registrar's Office for registration: Course runs from March 20 to June 6, 2014.
Practitioner in ResidenceL446411073Domenico, DanRoom 4993:20PM-5:50PMM25Permission by Professor Laitos Only. Permission must be secured prior to the registration period
Privacy SeminarL470411583Soma, John4994:15PM-5:30PMT,R20
Private Equity and Hedge Funds SeminarL470711923Yoost, Steve4999:00AM-10:15AMT,R20Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Probate Practicum - Cancelled due to Low EnrollmentL470911671Glatstein, Carl / Ursery, Leia45012:00PM-1:00PMW10Professor permission only. Only third year students will be registered. Students should place themselves on the wait list. Second Professor: Leia Ursery
Professional Ethics SeminarL448011082Pepper, Steve480F2:45PM-4:45PMT10If special arrangements are made with the professor, this class may meet the ULW requirement
Property - 1A & 1BL449011094Pidot, Justin1709:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R35
Property - 1C & 1DL449011104Marsh, Lucy2809:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R35
Property - 2A & 2BL449011114Cai, Phoenix28010:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F35
Property - 2C& 2DL449011124Wiersema, Annecoos27010:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F35
Property - 3L449011134Cheever, Fred25510:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F65
Property - 4L449011144Cheever, Fred1259:00AM-10:10AMT,R,F65
Protecting Intellectual Property in International Business TransactionsL470811973Blakley, Alan31310:30AM-11:45AMM,W12
Psychiatry and the LawL445411153Martinez, Richard4992:45PM-5:15PMW20
Public Interest PracticumL44981252Freeman, Alexi50Students should wait list for the appropriate number of credits and then contact the Public Interest Office for further instructions.
Public Sector Employment LawL470211562Culver, John4104:00PM-5:40PMW10
Real Estate Deeds,Title and FinanceL470811952Skillern, Fred4504:00PM-5:45PMR16
RemediesL452011163Flansburg, Steve2804:15PM-5:30PMM,W15
Research and Writing for the Legal Administrator (Online)M438012252Moran, SuzannaOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Russian for Lawyers IIL452511173Martysh, Victoria3134:15PM-5:30PMT,R10
Securities LawL452811523Norwood, Amy2704:15PM-5:30PMM,W50
Securities LitigationL452911193Moylan, James3131:00PM-4:00PMM14Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Seminar: Dynamics of the Land Use CaseL470312393Ragonetti, Tom1704:15PM-5:30PMT,R50
Sexual Orientation & the Law - Cancelled due to low enrollmentL454311203Velte, Kyle41010:30AM-11:45AMT,R12Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Social Change LawyeringL453911212ULWChen, Alan1452:45PM-4:25PMT15Professor Permission Only
Specialty Courts (Online)M433012232Hogue, EricOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Sports Law*L454511243Brandt, AndrewRoom 4379:40AM-11:30AMT12This class will be broadcast from Villanova School of Law. Students are required to attend classroom sessions
Strategic Corporate Responsibility ReportingL470811963Jennings, Cindy1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su50This Course will meet February 7th-9th and February 28th - March 2nd
Strategic Planning in the Courts (Online)M495012282Elletson, NancyOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Survey of Employment LawL420510733Ruan Rogers, Nantiya / Arnow-Richman, Rachel49912:00PM-2:30PMW20Second Professor: Rachel Arnow-Richman
Topics in Constitutional Law: Second AmendmentL405011253ULWKopel, David2592:45PM-4:00PMT,R30
Topics in Jurisprudence: Law, Morality & Religion-To link or not to linkL470811942Miccio, Kristian1551:00PM-4:30PM (Friday), 1:00PM-4:30Pm (Sat), 11:00AM-4:00PM (Sun)F, S, Su12This course meets for two weekends March 28, 29, & 30 and April 4, 5, & 6
Trademark LawL411511263Banks, Katina4992:45PM-4:00PMT,R22
Trial Practice I-Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511313Schott, DavidRoom 35512:00PM-2:30PMW12
Trial Practice I-Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511303Schott, DavidRoom 35510:30AM-1:00PMR12
Trial Practice I-Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511273Kornfeld, Rick / Kelly, StevenRoom 3554:15PM-5:30PMT,R12Second Professor: Steven Kelly
Trial Practice I-Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511293Schott, DavidRoom 35510:00AM-12:30PMF12
TriaL Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsL404312583Olson, Sean3551:30PM-4:00PMR12
Trial Practice II- Advanced Court Room Skills - Cancelled due to low enrollmentL404212353TBA, 3551:30PM-4:00PMR12
Trial Practice III-Crim Pro Practicum- CANCELLEDL47093Hood, William180CANCELLED12
Trust and EstatesL464012014Hammond, Byron1804:15PM- 5:55PMM,W50
Trust and EstatesL464011374Borison, Jerry28012:45PM-2:25PMT,R50
Water LawL467011383Romero, Tom2909:30AM-12:00PMW50
Wildlife LawL425111393Tutchton, Jay4509:00AM-10:15AMM,W15
Wills LabL468611531Marsh, LucyMiscMiscMisc0Students MUST have taken Trusts and Estates prior to enrollment. Students should wait list for class.
Workplace Law Appellate AdvocacyL47031171Corrada, RobertoTBATBATBA5
World Judicial Systems (Online)M431012223Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / McKenna, WayneOnlineOnlineOnline15Second Professor: Wayne McKenna MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit