Spring 2014 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for LawyersL400610013Bowers, Stacey2901:15PM-2:30PMM,W40
Administrative LawL402510033Williams, Zeke1554:15PM-5:30PMM,W40
Advanced Legal ResearchL403510043ULWAustin, DebraRoom 2594:30PM-5:45PMM,W12
Advanced Torts Collaborative LawyeringL4702 - ATCL11424Best, Arthur4372:45PM-4:00PmM,W12Professor permission only. Students should place themselves on the wait list.
Alternative Dispute ResolutionL406010083Stone, Jim2599:00AM-10:15AMT,R30
Appellate AdvocacyL400310123PUBLJones, JerryRoom 3132:45PM-4:00PMT,R10
Applied Leadership and Management Theory (Online)M415112173Bolton, Brad / Seigneur, RonOnlineOnlineOnline15Second Professor: Ron Seigneur MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Basic TaxL410012374Lodico, Isaac2708:30AM-10:10AMT,R50
Business Development: Marketing and Client Services (Online)L470312133Beese, MarkOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Capstone: Externship/Creative ProjectM501012294Kentnor, HopeOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Civil Law Systems of Latin America - CANCELLEDL470111413Juárez, BetoCANCELLED4:15PM-5:30PMT,R15
Civil Litigation Clinic & SeminarL4805/48061208/12093PUBLKuennen, Tamara / O'Laughlin, Colleen49910:30AM-11:45AMT,R10Second Professor: Colleen O'Laughlin. Students must enroll for this course through the clinic
Civil Procedure (Adv.) - CANCELLEDL40283Hardaway, Bob125CANCELLED15
Civil Rights ClinicL48091210/12113PUBLRovner, Laura / Webb, Lindsey41010:30AM-11:45AMM,W10Second Professor: Lindsey Webb. Students must enroll for this course through the clinic
Community Economic Development Clinic & SeminarL4703/47031160/11613ULWPUBLCrowder, Patience1554:30PM-7:00PMT20Students must enroll for this course throughthe clinic
Comparative Environmental LawL413710163Smith, Don2594:30PM-5:45PMT,R20International Human Rights students have priority.
Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law CANCELLEDL470111683Smith, Catherine4101:15PM-3:45PMT15Class Cancelled Due to Low Enrollment
Conflict of LawsL416010173Juárez, Beto2591:15PM-2:30PMT,R30
Constitutional Law - 1L416410224Hughes, Mark125T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F35This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 2L416410194Chen, Alan1559:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R65
Constitutional Law - 3A & 3BL416410214Aviel, Rebecca170T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F35This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 3C & 3DL416410204Farrell, Ian280T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, F 1:15PM-2:25PMT,R,F65This Class meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Friday 1:15PM-2:25PM
Constitutional Law - 4L416410234Hughes, Mark12510:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F65
Constitutional Law IIL416610243Johns, Scott2702:45PM-4:00PMT,R15
Constitutional Rights & Remedies Capstone - CANCELLEDL470211545Kamin, Sam / Leong, Nancy14512:00PM-2:30PMT,R10Seond Professor: Nancy Leong. Professor Permission Only with preference given to third year day students or fourth year evening students. Course will total 6 credit hours.
Contracts - 1L417510284Chao, Bernard180M 9:00AM-10:10AM, T,F - 10:30AM-11:40AMM,T,F65
Contracts - 2L417510294Arnow-Richman, Rachel190T 1:15PM-2:30PM, W 2:45PM-4:00PM, F 1:15PM-2:30PMMT,W,F65This Class meets Tuesday 1:15PM-2:30PM, Wednesday 2:45PM-4:00PM & Friday 1:15PM -2:30PM
Contracts - 3L417510314Banks, Katina2559:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R65
Corporate Compliance - CANCELLEDL470111692Bender, Jim1702:45PM-4:25PMM15
Corporate DraftingL418111433ULWTaylor, Celia4991:15PM-2:30PMT,R12Professor Permission Only
Corporate DraftingL418112673Hurley, Timothy4109:00AM-10:15AMM,W12
Corporate DraftingL418110333ULWBowers, Stacey2709:00AM-10:15AMM,W15Professor Permission - Corp/Comm Law Program students will have priority - Students should place themselves on wait list.
Corporate Reorganization: Chapter 11 BankruptcyL470111704Sousa, Michael14510:20AM-12:00PMM,W20Professor permisson only. Students must have taken Bankruptcy Law to register. Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Corporate Social ResponsibilityL413310383ULWSiebecker, Michael4501:15PM-3:45PMW12Professor Permission Only - Modern learning course with various drafting, research, and negotiation exercises involved. Human Rights Certificate Program Course - Priority may be given to program students
CorporationsL419010394Soma, John25512:50PM-2:30PMT,R50
Court Case Flow/Load Management (Online)M418012192Ehrlich, SteveOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Court Fiscal Management (Online)M410012153Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only
Criminal Defense Clinic and SeminarL4800/48011200/12073PUBLLasch, Christopher3131:15PM-2:30PMT,R10Second Professor: Robin Walker Sterling
Criminal Law - 4A & 4BL419512764Kamin, Sam2701:15PM-2:30PMT,W,R
Criminal Law - 4C & 4DL419510344Ehrenreich, Nancy255T,R 2:45PM-3:55PM, W 4:15PM - 5:25PMT,W,R65This Class meets Tuesday,Thursday 2:45PM-3:55PM & Wednesday 4:15PM-5:25PM
Criminal Law (Adv.)L401810353Garcia, Charles1459:00AM-10:15AMT,R20
Criminal ProcedureL420010403Edwards, DanielRoom 49911:40AM-2:10PMS22
Criminal ProcedureL420010143McDaniel-Miccio, KristianRoom 17010:30AM-11:45AMT,R40
Criminal Procedure (Adv.)L402610373Marceau, Justin1251:15PM-2:30PMT,R40
Crimmigration Law SeminarL470411723García Hernández, Cesar45010:30AM-11:45AMM,W15
Day One: Criminal Practice LabL470811643Halsor, ChrisRoom 2598:00AM-5:00PMF12Course will meet for 10 hours on 6 Fridays. Tentative schedule from 1/31 to 3/7.
Discovery PracticumL421810433ULWThomson, David2701:30PM-4:00PMF20
Education LawL470411733Gebhardt, Kathleen4101:15PM-2:30PMM,W15
Election Law - CANCELLEDL423610443Trachman, WillCANCELLED4:15PM-5:30PMT,R15Cancelled Due to Low Enrollment
Emerging International Standards for Sustainable Development of Natural ResourcesL470211553Danielson, Luke / Dalupan, Cecilia1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su50Second Professor: Cecilia Dalupan.This Course will meet April 11-13th and April 25th - 27th.
Environmental Appellate AdvocacyL470911652Davis, KellyRoom 4374:10PM-5:50PMT,R10Professor permission only - please wait list. Cap of 9 students. Class meets only from start of semester to 02/27/14
Environmental Enforcement - CANCELLEDL470611863Kreutzer, David / Neuman, Chris1453:45PM-5:45PMR18Second Professor: Chris Neuman
Environmental LawL422010453Ornstein, Peter1704:15PM-5:30PMM,W40
Environmental Law ClinicL4206/48021145/11463PUBLHarris, Michael / Lynch, Kevin1451:15PM-2:30PMT,R13Second Professor: Kevin Lynch
Environmental Law WorkshopL470911663ULWPidot, Justin49912:45PM-3:15PMM15Professor permission only. Students should place themselves on the wait list.
Equal Protection SeminarL470611853Pollvogt, Susannah1254:15PM-5:30PMT,R30
Estate and Gift Taxation - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL422512433Logemann, Rex3703:15PM-5:05PMT,R5Winter Quarter Cross-listed tax class - contact Registrar's Office for registration: Course runs from January 6 to March 14, 2014.
EvidenceL423510464Best, Arthur1909:00AM-10:10AMM,W,R75
EvidenceL423510474Edwards, DanielRoom 4998:00AM-11:20AMS22
EvidenceL423512386Hardaway, Bob T:355, R:1551:15PM-3:45PMT,R50Course will be 6 hours. Students will be registered for one additional hour.
Evidence PracticumL42373Hyatt, SheilaRoom 3552:45PM-4:00PMM,W16
Evidence PracticumL423710493Hyatt, SheilaRoom 35510:30AM-11:45AMM,W16
ExternshipL50251250Vessels, AnnStudents should wait list for the appropriate number of credits and then contact the Externship Office for further instructions.
Family LawL424010513Aviel, Rebecca15510:30AM-11:45AMT,R25
Family LawL424010523Bryan, Penelope2552:45PM-4:00PMM,W30
Family Law (Adv.)L403010413Clark, Laurie3139:00AM-11:30AMS30
Federal Appellate Workshop (directed research)L47001300
Federal CourtsL425010533Kwoka, Margaret1701:15PM-2:30PMM,W30
Federal Indian LawL430010543McCoy, Padraic4379:00AM-11:30AMM12Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Federal Wildlife LawL425111393Tutchton, Jay4509:00AM-10:15AMM,W15
Gender and the LawL426010553Bryan, Penelope2599:00AM-10:15AMM,W20Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Global Climate Change Law & PolicyL425911473Halvorssen, Anita1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su15This Course will meet January 31st- February 2nd and February 21st -23rd.
Health LawL427610563ULWHammond, Byron1702:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Hybrid Immigration Externship Program SeminarL470611873Graybill, Lisa480F2:45PM-5:30PMR11
Impact of Court GovernanceL470711931Langham, GregOnlineOnlineOnline15
Inclusiveness & Diversity - CANCELLEDM418112201Nalty, Kathleen / Davis, Yvonne4104:10PM - 5:50PMM15Second Professor: Yvonne Davis. This Course meets 7 Mondays
International & Comparative Mining LawL470911912Condra, Karina1252:45PM-3:55PMM,W15This class only runs 10 weeks until March 31st.
International Commercial ArbitrationL434110613Shill, Greg14510:30AM-11:45AMT,R12Priority Registration given to IBT LLMs and joint JD/LLMs
International Criminal Law PracticumL430310623PUBLAkerson, David3139:00AM-10:15AMM,W8Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International Environmental Law - CANCELLEDL431710633Wiersema, Annecoos1701:15PM-2:30PMT,R50Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International Human RightsL431912363ULWRhodes, Paula31310:30AM-11:45AMT,R14Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International InvestmentsL470711623Leung, Kenneth1801:15PM-2:30PMM,W9Priority to LLM students - Please wait list
International LawL432010653Rhodes, Paula2804:15PM-5:30PMT,R25Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
International Law and the Use of ForceL430910663Akerson, David1552:45PM-4:00PMM,W28Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Introduction to Intellectual PropertyL431010673Chao, Bernard1902:45PM-4:00PMT,R50
Islamic Law & Human RightsL470711903Kazerooni, Ibrahim4101:15PM-4:00PMR15Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Judicial Performance and EvaluationL470912212Howell, Jane / TBA, OnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
JurisprudenceL434510683Ehrenreich, Nancy19010:30AM-11:45AMT,R35
JurisprudenceL434510693McDaniel-Miccio, Kristian4501:15PM-2:30PMT,R20
Juvenile LawL435010703Richardson, Edward18010:30AM-11:45AMM,W20
Labor LawL435510713Corrada, Roberto49910:30AM-11:45AMW,F20
Land Conservation TransactionsL435810723Jay, Jessica480F9:00AM-12:30PMM11This course will meet on January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3, 10, and 31st
Law Firm Communications & Technology (Online)M43853Koelling, DemetraOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Law Firm Financial Management (Online)M490112273Smith, SondraOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Lawyering Process II - 1AL438610783Anderson, RobertRoom 25910:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 1BL438610793Bartholomew, TanyaRoom 25510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 1CL438610803Anderson, RobertRoom 2591:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 1DL438610813Bartholomew, TanyaRoom 2801:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 2AL438610823Ruan Rogers, NantiyaRoom 15510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 2BL438610833Caldwell, KateRoom 28010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 2CL438610843Thomson, DavidRoom 2551:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 2DL438610853Caldwell, KateRoom 1551:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 3AL438610863Brewer, KellyRoom 12510:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 3BL438610873Brewer, KellyRoom 1251:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 3CL438610883Austin, DebraRoom 2592:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 3DL438610893Moran, SuzannaRoom 2702:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 4AL438610903Campbell, JohnRoom 27010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 4BL438610913McElroy, LisaRoom 17010:30AM-11:45AMM,W17
Lawyering Process Ii - 4CL438610923McElroy, LisaRoom 1901:15PM-2:30PMM,W17
Lawyering Process II - 4DL438610933Campbell, JohnRoom 2802:45PM-4:00PMM,W17
Legal Analysis StrategiesL403210943Johns, Scott1804:15PM-5:30PMT,R90
Legal Externship Seminar: Child Advocacy PracticumL480710962Fordyce, Betsy480F2:45PM-4:25PMM10Students must place themselves on the wait list for two (2) externship credits.
Legal Externship Seminar: CorporateL4705-511771Vessels, Ann4504:15PM-5:55pmT12This course meets 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 4/1, 4/15, 4/22
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial PlacementsL4705-911831Pollvogt, Susannah1454:15PM-5:55pmW12This course meets 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 4/2, 4/16, 4/23
Legal Externship Seminar: Non-ProfitL4705-811821Freeman, Alexi1554:15PM-5:55pmR12This course meets 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, 4/3, 4/17, 4/24
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-611781Peyton, Ryann4504:15PM-5:55pmT12This course meets 1/14, 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-611791Velte, Kyle3134:15PM-5:55pmW12This course meets 1/15, 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9
Legal ProfessionL442510973Pepper, Steve45010:30AM-11:45AMT,R14Limited enrollment, discussion format
Legal ProfessionL442510983Sterling, Joyce19010:30AM-11:45AMM,W66
Legal ProfessionL442511003Vigil, Dan1801:15PM-2:30PMT,R40
Legal Writing (Adv.)L465110063ULWBruce, Teresa1452:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Legal Writing (Adv.)L465110053ULWBruce, Teresa1451:15PM-2:30PMM,W15
Legal Writing (Adv.)L465110073ULWHurley, Timothy4104:15PM-5:30PMT,R15
MediationL403111443Hartje, JeffreyArrangedArranged10Clinic Class
Mediation & Arbitration Clinic and SeminarL4430/48031148/11495PUBLHartje, Jeffrey3132:45PM-4:15PMW102 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits
Mining LawL444511023Benson, Joel4999:00AM-10:15AMM,W20
Multiculturalism, Race and the LawL444611033Goel, Rashmi4102:45PM-4:00PMM,W15
Negotiation & MediationL446011513Hartje, Jeffrey2704:15PM-5:30PMT,R20
Negotiation and Drafting in an International Business ContextL470411574Cai, Phoenix4372:20PM-4:00PMT,R12Students are strongly advised to NOT take this course unless they have previously taken (at least one) International Mergers & Acquisitions, Mergers & Acquisitions, or Corporations
Oil & Gas LawL446511063Jones, Kendor4374:15PM-5:30PMM,W12
Partnership Taxation - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL448112463Vogel, Mark3703:15PM-5:05PMM,W5Spring Quarter Cross-listed tax class - contact Registrar's Office for registration: Course runs from March 20 to June 6, 2014.
Practitioner in ResidenceL446411073Domenico, DanRoom 4993:20PM-5:50PMM25Permission by Professor Laitos Only. Permission must be secured prior to the registration period
Privacy SeminarL470411583Soma, John4994:15PM-5:30PMT,R20
Private Equity and Hedge Funds SeminarL470711923Yoost, Steve4999:00AM-10:15AMT,R20Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Probate Practicum - CANCELLEDL470911671PUBLGlatstein, Carl / Ursery, Leia45012:00PM-1:00PMW10Professor permission only. Only third year students will be registered. Students should place themselves on the wait list. Second Professor: Leia Ursery
Professional Ethics SeminarL448011082Pepper, Steve480F2:45PM-4:45PMT10If special arrangements are made with the professor, this class may meet the ULW requirement
Property - 1A & 1BL449011094Pidot, Justin1709:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R35
Property - 1C & 1DL449011104Marsh, Lucy2809:00AM-10:10AMT,W,R35
Property - 2A & 2BL449011114Cai, Phoenix28010:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F35
Property - 2C & 2DL449011124Wiersema, Annecoos27010:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F35
Property - 3L449011134Cheever, Fred25510:30AM-11:40AMT,R,F65
Property - 4L449011144Cheever, Fred1259:00AM-10:10AMT,R,F65
Protecting Intellectual Property in International Business TransactionsL470811973Blakley, Alan31310:30AM-11:45AMM,W12
Psychiatry and the LawL445411153Martinez, Richard4992:45PM-5:15PMW20
Public Interest PracticumL44981252PUBLFreeman, Alexi50Students should wait list for the appropriate number of credits and then contact the Public Interest Office for further instructions.
Public Sector Employment LawL470211562Culver, John4104:00PM-5:40PMW10
Real Estate Deeds,Title and FinanceL470811952Skillern, Fred4504:00PM-5:45PMR16
RemediesL452011163Flansburg, Steve2804:15PM-5:30PMM,W15
Research and Writing for the Legal Administrator (Online)M438012252Moran, SuzannaOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Russian for Lawyers IIL452511173Martysh, Victoria3134:15PM-5:30PMT,R10
Securities LawL452811523Norwood, Amy2704:15PM-5:30PMM,W50
Securities LitigationL452911193Moylan, James3131:00PM-4:00PMM14Satisfies Critical Thinking component for Corporate/Commercial Law Program
Seminar: Dynamics of the Land Use CaseL470312393Ragonetti, Tom1704:15PM-5:30PMT,R50
Sexual Orientation & the Law - CANCELLEDL454311203Velte, Kyle41010:30AM-11:45AMT,R12Priority given to Human Rights Certificate program students - Please wait list
Social Change LawyeringL453911212ULWChen, Alan1452:45PM-4:25PMT15Professor Permission Only
Specialty Courts (Online)M433012232Hogue, EricOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Sports LawL454511243Brandt, AndrewRoom 4379:40AM-11:30AMT12This class will be broadcast from Villanova School of Law. Students are required to attend classroom sessions
Strategic Corporate Responsibility ReportingL470811963Jennings, Cindy1551:00PM-6:00pm (fri), 9:00am -5:00pm (sat), 9:00am-4:00pm (sun)F,S,Su50This Course will meet February 7th-9th and February 28th - March 2nd
Strategic Planning in the Courts (Online)M495012282Elletson, NancyOnlineOnlineOnline15MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit
Survey of Employment LawL420510733Ruan Rogers, Nantiya / Arnow-Richman, Rachel49912:00PM-2:30PMW20Second Professor: Rachel Arnow-Richman
Topics in Constitutional Law: Second AmendmentL405011253ULWKopel, David2592:45PM-4:00PMT,R30
Topics in Jurisprudence: Law, Morality & Religion-To link or not to linkL470811942McDaniel-Miccio, Kristian1551:00PM-4:30PM (Friday), 1:00PM-4:30Pm (Sat), 11:00AM-4:00PM (Sun)F, S, Su12This course meets for two weekends March 28, 29, & 30 and April 4, 5, & 6
Trademark LawL411511263Banks, Katina4992:45PM-4:00PMT,R22
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511303Schott, DavidRoom 35510:30AM-1:00PMR12
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511273Kornfeld, Rick / Kelly, StevenRoom 3554:15PM-5:30PMT,R12Second Professor: Steven Kelly
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511313Schott, DavidRoom 35512:00PM-2:30PMW12
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsL463511293Schott, DavidRoom 35510:00AM-12:30PMF12
TriaL Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsL404312583Olson, Sean3551:30PM-4:00PMR12
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom Skills - CANCELLEDL404212353TBA, 3551:30PM-4:00PMR12
Trial Practice III - Crim Pro Practicum- CANCELLEDL47093Hood, William180CANCELLED12
Trusts & EstatesL464011374Borison, Jerry28012:45PM-2:25PMT,R50
Trusts & EstatesL464012014Hammond, Byron1804:15PM- 5:55PMM,W50
Water LawL467011383Romero, Tom2909:30AM-12:00PMW50
Wills LabL468611531PUBLMarsh, LucyMiscMiscMisc0Students MUST have taken Trusts and Estates prior to enrollment. Students should wait list for class.
Workplace Law Appellate AdvocacyL47031171Corrada, RobertoTBATBATBA5
World Judicial Systems (Online)M431012223Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / McKenna, WayneOnlineOnlineOnline15Second Professor: Wayne McKenna MSLA Students Only. JD must petition for Non JD Credit