Summer 2013 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for the Legal AdministratorM441010422Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineOnline30 MSLA - JD students must petition for Non-JD Credit
Administrative LawL402510523Lister, MatthewRoom 15510:00AM-12:00PMT,W,R50
Advanced Legal ResearchL403510513ULWAustin, Debra2599:00AM-11:30AMM,T,W,R,F12Course will run from May 28th to June 14th.
Basic TaxL410010044Vogel, Mark2909:00AM - 10:40AMM,T,W,R90
Business Legal ResearchL4702BL10182Popielarski, Mark4372:45PM-4:10PMT,R15
Commercial Law for Foreign Investors in Guatemala (taught in Spanish)L413910052Juárez, BetoStudy AbroadMisc10Summer Program in Guatemala - Please contact Professor Juarez for information
Comparative Criminal Procedure in the Americas (taught in English)L470010162Juárez, BetoStudy AbroadMisc10Summer Program in Guatemala
Comparative Law Perspectives (taught in Spanish)L470110172Juárez, BetoStudy AbroadMisc10Summer Program in Guatemala
Criminal Defense Clinic and SeminarL4800/48011059/10603PUBLLasch, Christopher / Walker Sterling, RobinRoom 3131:15PM-2:25PMT,R123 in-class credits/3 out-of-class credits. Profesor Permission Only.
Criminal ProcedureL420010063Edwards, Daniel2809:00AM-3:00PMS75The scheduled time includes a one hour break in the middle for lunch.
European Union Environmental LawL403710033Smith, DonOnlineOnline12
Externship - GuatemalaL502510332Juárez, BetoStudy AbraodMisc2Summer Program in Guatemala
Externship - Out-of-Class PortionL50251034Vessels, AnnOtherOtherStudents should place themselves on wait list. The Externship Office will register students upon completion of required paperwork.
Externships - SECTION FOR SECOND EXTERNSHIPL50251035Vessels, AnnOtherOtherStudents may only use this section for a second externship for the same term. Contact Registrar's Office for placement on wait list.
Family LawL424010083Gordon, Marianne1254:15PM-6:45PMT,R75
Human ResourcesM412110362Koelling, DemetraOnlineOnline30 MSLA - JD students must petition for Non-JD Credit
Individual Tax Problems - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL429210443Vogel, MarkTAX room 3703:15PM-5:15PMT,R5Tax Class - Please contact registrar for registration
Law Firm Client Service and Satisfaction - CancelledM438610372Harakas, DeanOnlineOnline30Class Cancelled
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310211Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline15
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310201Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline15
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310191Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline15
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-610281Velte, Kyle1454:15PM-5:55PMW15
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-61Velte, Kyle3134:15PM-5:55PMR15
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4705-610271Truhlar, Robert1454:15PM-5:55PMT15
Legal ProfessionL442510103Vigil, Dan2801:15PM-3:15PMM,T,W,R,F50Course will run from May 28th - June 20th.
Legal Spanish for U.S. Lawyers (taught in Spanish)L442410092Juárez, BetoStudy AbroadMisc10Summer Program in Guatemala
MSLA ExternshipM501010394Kentnor, HopeOnlineOnline30second professor: John Boyd MSLA STUDENTS ONLY
National Policies and Legislation for the Sustainable Development of Natural ResourcesL470410233Danielson, Luke / Dalupan, Cecilia2808:00AM-5:00PMM,T,W,R,F75Course will run from July 8th-12th
Professional Development ( Component of Externship)M50101039Kentnor, HopeOnlineOnline30Mandatory Online Component of Externship MSLA STUDENTS ONLY
Project ManagementM495410382Bolton, Brad / Ehrlich, SteveOnlineOnline30seond professor: Steve Ehrlich MSLA - JD students must petition for Non-JD Credit
Public Interest PracticumL449810110PUBLOnline100
Public Utility RegulationL450010123Keske, Catherine2808:00AM-5:00PMM,T,W,R,F75Course will run from July 15th - 19th
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & MarketsL450810133Noun, Bob2808:00AM-5:00PMM,T,W,R,F75Course will run from July 22nd - 26th
Street LawL455510143PUBLSchlegel, Tamera4374:15PM-6:45PMM,W10
Trusts & EstatesL464010494Hammond, Byron1552:45PM-5:25PMT,W,R50
Wills LabL468610151PUBLChristian, CodyMisc10Interested students should place themselves on the wait list
Writing Legal ArgumentsL470310472ULWRussel, Robert / Bunch, Jennifer4375:00PM-6:40PMT,R15Second prof: Jennifer Bunch
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