Summer 2014 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Accounting for the Legal AdministratorM441010552Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineOnline20
Advanced Hybrid ExternshipL470010011Graybill, Lisa4102:00PM-4:00PMR15Students should wait list for class
BankruptcyL409010104Sousa, Michael2805:00PM-8:45PMM,W50
Basic TaxL410010124Karr, Samantha2809:00AM-10:40AMM,T,W,R50
Business & Human Rights Practicum Seminar - CANCELLEDL470110022Kanis, Blair / Wielga, Mark2595:30PM-7:20PMM,W15CANCEL DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Commercial Law for Foreign Investors in Guatemala (taught in Spanish)L413910292Juárez, BetoOff CampusMiscMisc10Summer Program in Guatemala - Please contact Professor Juarez for information
Commercial Law SurveyL413110154Sousa, Michael2805:00PM-8:45PMT,R40Priority to Corp/Commercial Certificate Students - Interested students should wait list
Comparative Perspectives on Property Rights in Latin AmericaL470610432Juárez, BetoOff CampusMISCMISC10Requires enrollment in Guatemala Study Abroad Program - Contact Registrar's Office for Assistance
Corporate Taxation III - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL418810344TBA, 2905:30PM-7:30PMT,R5
Criminal ProcedureL420010183Leong, Nancy2704:15PM-6:45PMM,W75
Day One: Criminal Practice LabL470210033Halsor, Chris2709:00AM-5:00PMF10
EvidenceL423510194Steinhauser, Karen1807:00PM-9:40PMM,T,W75This class will run from June 2-July 16. Final exam will be Monday, July 21 at 5:30 pm.
Evidence PracticumL423710303Edwards, Daniel4998:00AM-3:00PMS14Time includes an hour break and the course runs for 6 weeks. There will be no class July 5th.
Externship - Out-of-Class PortionL50251035Vessels, AnnArrArrArrStudents should wait list and contact the Externship Office for registration
Family LawL424010203Gordon, Marianne2704:15PM-6:45PMT,R75
Human ResourcesM412110532Koelling, DemetraOnlineOnline20
Individual Tax Problems - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL429210314TBA, 3703:15PM-5:15PMM,W5
International Taxation - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL434410384Merric, Mark2907:40PM-9:10PMT,R5
Law Firm Client Service and SatisfactionM438610542Harakas, DeanOnlineOnline20
Lawyering Across BordersL470610442Juárez, BetoOff CampusMISCMISC10Taught in Spanish - Requires enrollment in Guatemala Study Abroad Program - Contact Registrar's Office for Assistance
Lawyering in Spanish ExternshipL50251037Juárez, BetoOff CampusMISCMISC10
Legal Externship Seminar: CorporateL4703-510141Chancellor, Wayne2594:15PM-5:55PMM12
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal DefenseL4703-210111Kepros, Laurie3135:30PM-7:10PMT12
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal ProsecutionL4703-310131Dougherty, Michael2555:30PM-7:10PMT12
Legal Externship Seminar: GovernmentL4703-710651McCallin, Andrew4376:00PM-7:40PMW12
Legal Externship Seminar: GovernmentL4703-710171Graybill, Lisa4504:15PM-5:55PMT12
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial PlacementsL4703-910251Hyatt, Sheila2554:15PM-5:55PMW12
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial PlacementsL4703-910241Pollvogt, Susannah4104:15PM-5:55PMW12
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial PlacementsL4703-910261McGahey, Robert4995:30PM-7:10PMT12
Legal Externship Seminar: Leadership Skills for LawyersL470610451Juárez, BetoOff CampusMISCMISC10Requires enrollment in Guatemala Study Abroad Program - Contact Registrar's Office for Assistance
Legal Externship Seminar: Non-ProfitL4703-810231Freeman, Alexi2594:15PM-5:55PMR12
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310041Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline12
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310061Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline12
Legal Externship Seminar: OnlineL470310051Vessels, AnnOnlineOnline12
Legal Externship Seminar: Private FirmL4703-610161Velte, Kyle1454:15PM-5:55PMW12
Legal Externship Seminar: Solo/Small FirmL4703-110091Hasan, Rehan2594:15PM-5:55PMT12
Legal Externship Seminar: Solo/Small FirmL4703-110631Truhlar, Robert4105:30PM-7:10PMT12
Legal ProfessionL442510393Vigil, Dan2801:15PM-3:15PMM,T,W,R,F50Course will run from May 28th - June 20th. Final exam will be held on Tuesday, 6/24 at 9:00 AM.
MSLA ExternshipM501010574Kentnor, HopeOnlineOnline20
National Policies and Legislation for the Sustainable Development of Natural ResourcesL470410073Danielson, Luke / Dalupan, Cecilia1558:00AM-5:00PMM,T,W,R,F75Course will run from July 7th-11th
Partnership Taxation - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL448110334Gelt, Theodore3701:45PM-5:15PMR5
Project ManagementM495410562Bolton, Brad / Ehrlich, SteveOnlineOnlineOnline20
Property Transaction - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL411710274Logemann, Rex3705:30PM-7:30PMT,R5
Public Interest PracticumL44981059PUBLFreeman, AlexiArrStudents should wait list and contact the Public Service office
Qualified Pension Plans - CROSS-LISTED TAX CLASS - Email for registrationL446310284Conrad, David2907:40PM-9:40PMM,W5
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & MarketsL450810403Noun, Bob1558:00AM-5:00PMM,T,W,R,F74Course will run from June 23rd-27th
Sexual Orientation & the LawL454310213Velte, Kyle1453:15PM-5:45PMT,R12
Street LawL455510583PUBLSchlegel, Tamera3134:15PM-6:45PMM,W10
Transitional Justice in Latin AmericaL470610462Juárez, BetoOff CampusMISCMISC10Requires enrollment in Guatemala Study Abroad Program - Contact Registrar's Office for Assistance
Trial Practice I - Basic Courtroom SkillsL463510223McGahey, Robert4996:00PM-8:30PMM,W12
Trial Practice I - For Trial Team Candidates (Intensive)L463510413Schott, David1259:00AM-4:50PMT,W,R,F,S12This course runs May 27th - May 31st. Professor Permission Only
Trial Practice II - Advanced Courtroom SkillsL404210083Madden, John3556:00PM-8:30PMM,W12
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamL502610493Schott, David1556:00PM-11:00PMR12Professor permission required
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamL502610513Olson, Sean1906:00PM-11:00PMR12Professor permission required
Trial Practice III - National Trial TeamL502610483Quintana, Nicole / Brown, Christopher1256:00PM-11:00PMR12Professor permission required
Trial Practice III - Trial PracticumL502610703Quintana, Nicole180, 2556:00PM-10:00PMR12Professor permission required
Trial Practice III - Trial PracticumL502610503Moloney, Brad180, 2556:00PM-10:00PMR12Professor permission required
Wills LabL468610421PUBLChristian, CodyMiscMiscMisc10Interested students should place themselves on the wait list