Spring 2013 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Applied Leadership and Management Theory (Online)M415110203Bolton, Brad / Seigneur, RonOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Court Case Flow/Load Management (Online)M418010542Ehrlich, SteveOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Court Fiscal ManagementM410010553Eckhardt, ChristineCANCELLEDT20MSLA Course - Cancelled
Court Fiscal Management (Online)M410010563Eckhardt, ChristineOnline15MSLA Course - Online
ExternshipL50251237Vessels, Ann10USE FOR SECOND EXTERNSHIP ONLY - Contact Registrar's Office. Please wait list - Externship Office will register students when paperwork/approval has been completed.
ExternshipL50251236Vessels, Ann150Please wait list - Externship Office will register students when paperwork/approval has been completed.
Journal of Energy and Natural Resources LawL47021109Smith, DonPlease wait list
Law Firm Communications & Technology (Online)M438511183Koelling, DemetraOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Law Firm Financial Management (Online)M490111203Smith, SondraOnline15MSLA Course - Online
MediationL403110133Hartje, Jeffrey10Clinic Class
MSLA Directed Research (online)M49991150Kentnor, HopeOnline15MSLA Course
MSLA Externship (online)M50101149Kentnor, HopeOnline15MSLA Course
Research and Writing for the Legal Administrator (Online)M438011762Moran, SuzannaOnline15MSLA Course (Online)
Specialty Courts (Online)M433011832Hogue, EricOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Strategic Marketing and Business Development (Online)M495311852Beese, MarkOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Strategic Planning in the Courts (Online)M495011872Elletson, NancyOnline15MSLA Course - Online
Wills LabL468612211PUBLMarsh, LucyOnline20This class meets at irregular intervals, and is not actually online. Prerequisite: Trusts & Estates; You must place yourself on the waitlist in order to register.
World Judicial Systems (Online)M431012233Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / McKenna, WayneOnline15MSLA Course - Online