Spring 2013 Schedule

Satisfies Upper Level Writing Requirement
Experiential Advantage Option (2 EA credits satisfy the Professional Skills requirement; 6 EA credits satisfy the Experiential Coursework Requirement)
Satisfies Public Service Requirement
NOTE: ULW & Professional Skills/Experiential Coursework requirements cannot be met by the same course.

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Court Fiscal ManagementEckhardt, ChristineTCANCELLEDM41001055320MSLA Course - Cancelled

Online and Miscellaneous Classes

Applied Leadership and Management Theory (Online)Bolton, Brad / Seigneur, RonOnlineM41511020315MSLA Course - Online
Court Case Flow/Load Management (Online)Ehrlich, SteveOnlineM41801054215MSLA Course - Online
Court Fiscal Management (Online)Eckhardt, ChristineOnlineM41001056315MSLA Course - Online
Law Firm Communications & Technology (Online)Koelling, DemetraOnlineM43851118315MSLA Course - Online
Law Firm Financial Management (Online)Smith, SondraOnlineM49011120315MSLA Course - Online
MSLA Directed Research (online)Kentnor, HopeOnlineM4999115015MSLA Course
MSLA Externship (online)Kentnor, HopeOnlineM5010114915MSLA Course
Research and Writing for the Legal Administrator (Online)Moran, SuzannaOnlineM43801176215MSLA Course (Online)
Specialty Courts (Online)Hogue, EricOnlineM43301183215MSLA Course - Online
Strategic Marketing and Business Development (Online)Beese, MarkOnlineM49531185215MSLA Course - Online
Strategic Planning in the Courts (Online)Elletson, NancyOnlineM49501187215MSLA Course - Online
Wills LabMarsh, LucyOnlineL468612211PUBL20This class meets at irregular intervals, and is not actually online. Prerequisite: Trusts & Estates; You must place yourself on the waitlist in order to register.
World Judicial Systems (Online)Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / McKenna, WayneOnlineM43101223315MSLA Course - Online