Below is an alphabetical listing of courses. Click on the course name to view the description.

ABA Trial Team | L5028
Accounting for Lawyers | L4006
Accounting for the Legal Administrator | M4410
Accounting for the Small Legal Practice | L4002
Administrative Law | L4025
Advanced Corporate Law | 4700
Advanced Torts Collaborative Lawyering | L4702
Advancing Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Legal Profession | 4709
Agency, Partnership & the LLC | L4048
Alternative Dispute Resolution | L4060
American Legal History | L4065
Animal Rights | L4019
Animals, Food Law & the Constitution
Antitrust and Unfair Competition | L4070
Appellate Advocacy | L4003
Applied Analusis Lab
Applied Leadership and Management Theory | M4151
Asylum Law
Bankruptcy | L4090
Basic Tax | L4100
Bilingual and Inter-Cultural Legal Placements in Guatemala (taught in Spanish) | L4700
Business & Commercial Law Seminar | L4105
Business Development: Marketing and Client Service | L4007
Business Entities | L4185
Business Legal Research | L4700
Business Mergers and Acquisitions | L4441
The Business of Courts | M4200
Business Planning | L4110
Capital Formation | L4700
Capstone Externship/Project | M5010
Civil and Criminal Tax Procedure | L4489
Civil Litigation Clinic & Seminar | L4805/L4806
Civil Litigation Clinic (Advanced) | L4023
Civil Litigation Practicum | L4637
Civil Procedure | L4120
Civil Procedure (Advanced) | L4028
Civil Rights Clinic & Seminar | L4809/L4812
Colorado Legal History & Practice | 4700
Colorado Legal Research | L4703
Commercial Law for Foreign Investors (taught in Spanish) | L4700
Commercial Law for Foreign Investors in Guatemala | L4139
Commercial Law Survey | L4131
Commercial Paper | L4143
Communications for the Legal Administrator | M4385
Community Economic Development Clinic and Seminar | L4706
Community Expectations in Sustainable Development of Natural Resources | L4705CE
Comparative Competition Law
Comparative Corporate Governance
Comparative Corporate Law Seminar | L4129
Comparative Environmental Law | L4137
Comparative Free Speech and Access to Information in the Americas (taught in English) | L4144
Comparative Information Privacy Law
Comparative Law | L4135
Computers and Internet Law | L4145
Conflict of Laws | L4160
Constitutional Law | L4164
Constitutional Law II: | L4166
Constitutional Law Writing Seminar | L4169
Constitutional Litigation Practicum | L4700
Constitutional Litigation Seminar | L4168
Construction Law | L4179
Contemporary Issues in Oil & Gas Development | 4702
Contracts | L4175
Contracts Drafting | L4178
Copyright Law | L4214
Corporate Apprenticeship Program | L4991
Corporate Compliance | L4700
Corporate Compliance: Money Managers and Investment Advisers | L4700
Corporate Drafting Seminar | L4181
Corporate Social Responsibility | L4133
Corporate Social Responsibility Practicum | L4709
Corporate Taxation I | L4186
Corporate Taxation II | L4187
Corporate Taxation III | L4188
Corporations | L4190
Court Case Flow/Load Management | M4180
Court Communication and Media Relations | M4384
Court Fiscal Management | M4100
Court Information Technology | M4090
Criminal Defense Clinic & Criminal Defense Seminar | L4800/L4801
Criminal Law | L4195
Criminal Law (Advanced) | L4018
Criminal Procedure | L4200
Criminal Procedure (Advanced) | L4026
Critical Race Reading Seminar | L4704
Day One Criminal Practice Lab | L4708
The Dean's Cup - A Challenge Cup Tournament | L4700
Death Penalty Civil Litigation Lab | L4708
Death Penalty Jurisprudence | L4201
Directed Research | L4999
Directed Research MSLA | M4999
Disability Law | L4202
Discovery Practicum | L4218
Doing Business in Latin America | L4383
Domestic Violence and Family Law Project | L4709
Economics of Natural Resource and the Environment: Policy, Markets, and Economic Measurement | L4452
Elder Law | L4203
Election Law | L4236
Emerging International Standards for Sustainable Development of Natural Resources | L4703
Employment Discrimination Law | L4227
Employment Law - Benefits | L4224
Employment Law Seminar | L4229
Energy & Project Finance Law | L4501
Energy Law | L4210
Entertainment Law | L4215
Envionmental Law, Energy & Natural Resources in Indian Country | L4706
Environmental Appellate Advocacy | L4709
Environmental Ethics and Justice | L4219
Environmental Law | L4220
Environmental Law Clinic and Seminar | L4206/L4802
Estate and Gift Taxation | L4225
Estate Planning | L4230
European Union Environmental Law & Policy | L4037
European Union Law | L4232
Evidence | L4235
Evidence Practicum | L4237
Exempt Organizations | L4238
Externship | L5025
Family Law | L4240
Family Law (Adv.) – Complex Child Issues
Family Law (Adv.) – Divorce
Family Law (Advanced) | L4030
Federal Courts | L4250
Federal Indian Law | L4300
Federal Wildlife Law | L4251
Forced Migration and Human Trafficking | L4701
The Forge/ CED Clinic | 4703
Fundamentals of Comparative Law | M4320
Gender and the Law | L4260
Global Climate Change Law and Policy | L4259
Global Employment Law
Government Contracts Seminar | L4265
Hazardous Waste & Toxic Substances | L4380
Health Law | L4276
Holistic Juvenile Defense and Advocacy Seminar | L5031
Holocaust Seminar | L4277
Homeless Advocacy Policy Seminar
Hughes Research Seminar | L4280
Human Resources | M4121
Human Rights Law | L4290
Human Rights Seminar | L4704HR
Immigrants’ Rights Lab | L4709
Immigration Law | L4295
Immigration Law (Advanced) | L4298
Inclusiveness and Diversity | M4181
Individual Tax Problems | L4292
Insurance Law | L4304
Intellectual Property Capstone | L4700
Intermediate Legal Analysis | L4015
International & Comparative Mining Law | L4342
International & Comparative Petroleum Law | L4343
International and Comparative Legal Research | L4706
International and Human Rights: Indigenous People | L4288
International and Human Rights: Indigenous Peoples | L4288
International Business Negotiations
International Business Transactions | L4315
International Business Transactions: Federal Regulation | L4318
International Commercial Arbitration | L4341
International Commercial Arbitration | L4341-Shill
International Criminal Law | 4709
International Criminal Law Practicum | L4303
International Criminal Procedure and Practice | L4348
International Dispute Resolution | L4700
International Environmental Law | L4317
International Environmental Law in Latin America (taught in Spanish) | L4347
International Human Rights | L4319
International Human Rights in the United Nations Practicum | L4700
International Investment | L4707
International Investments Arbitration Practice & Procedure | 4707
International Law | L4320
International Law and the Use of Force | L4309
International Litigation and Dispute Resolution
International Mergers and Acquisitions | L4351
International Organizations Seminar | L4704
International Practice and Procedure | L4700
International Practice and Procedure | L4701
International Sales | L4707IS
International Tax | L4344
International Trade Law | L4379
International Water Law | L4672
Intro to Intellectual Property | L4310
Introduction to Small Practice Management | L4421
Introduction to the American Legal System | L4064
Introduction to the U.S. Judicial System | M4300
JOURNALS | L4880, L4884, L4888, L4889
Judicial Performance and Evaluation | M4220
Jurisprudence | L4345
Juvenile Law | L4350
Labor & Employment Legal Research | L4704
Labor Law | L4355
Land Conservation Transactions | L4358
Land Use Planning | L4360
Latin American Law | L4362
Law & Practice of In-House Counsel | L4700
Law and Corruption Seminar | L4700
Law and Economics | L4365
Law and Neuroscience
Law and Popular Culture | L4497
Law and Society | L4375
Law Firm Administration | M4201
Law Firm Client Service and Satisfaction | M4386
Law Firm Financial Management | MSLA L4410
Law Firm Financial Management | M4901
Law Firm Information Technolgy Management | MSLA L4080
Law Firm Information Technology | M4080
Lawyering Process I | L4385
Lawyering Process II | L4386
Legal Analysis Strategies | L4032
Legal Databases Research | L4423
Legal Externship Program: Child Advocacy Practicum | L4807
Legal Externship Seminar Non Profit | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial Placements | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial Placements | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial Placements | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Corporate Law in a General Counsel’s Office (In House Counsel) | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Criminal Prosecution | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Environmental and Natural Resources Law | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Law in a Private Firm | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Law in the Government Sector | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Law in the Government Sector | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Law in the Nonprofit Sector | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Corporate | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal Defense | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Criminal Prosecution | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Environmental/Natural Resources | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Government Sector | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Judicial Placements | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: Private Firm | L5031
Legal Externship Seminar: The Practice of Criminal Defense | L5031
Legal Externship: Racial, Social & Economic Justice | L5031
Legal Practice Seminar – Law as a Business | L4420
Legal Profession | L4425
Legal Research (Advanced) | L4035
Legal Research Skills--Advanced
Legal Research Skills-Basic
Legal Research Skills-International
Legal Spanish for Lawyers (taught in Spanish) | L4424
Legal Writing (Advanced) | L4651
Legislative Process: Institutions & Interpretation | L4382
Litigation Skills in a Bilingual World | L4700
Lobbying Law
Marijuana Regulatory Drafting & Policy | 4700
Mass Tort Litigation | L4707
Media Law | L4433
Mediation | L4031
Mediation and Arbitration Clinic and Seminar | L4430/L4803
Mediation Practicum
Medical Malpractice | L4444
Military Law | L4701
Mining Law | L4445
Movement Lawyering for Social Justice: Skill-Building Workshop | 4700
Multiculturalism, Race and the Law Seminar | L4446
Multinational Corporations, Corporate Social Responsibility, & International Law | L4703M
National Policies and Legislation for the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources | L4704NL
Native American Appellate Advocacy and Trial Team | 4702
Natural Resources Distinguished Practitioner Seminar | L4464
Natural Resources Law | L4450
Natural Resources Practicioner in Residence
Negotiating Natural Resources Agreements | L4462
Negotiation & Mediation | L4460
Negotiation and Drafting in an International Business Context | L4700
Oil & Gas Agreements | L4700
Oil and Gas Law | L4465
Outdoor Recreation and Ski Law | L4700
Partnership Taxation | L4481
Patent Law | L4096
Patent Law (Advanced) | L4474
Patent Litigation | L4483
Poverty and Low-Wage Work in America | L4708PLW
Pre-Trial and Discovery Practicum | L4468
Privacy Seminar | L4008
Private Equity Seminar | L4707
Probate Practicum | L4709
Problem Solving Courts | 4708
Professional Ethics Seminar | L4480
Project Management | M4954
Property | L4490
Property Rights, Economic Policy and the American Constitution: Theory, Protection, Practice Seminar | L4499
The Prosecutor as Protagonist | L4487
Protecting Intellectual Property in International Transactions | L4700
Psychiatry and the Law | L4454
Public Interest Lawyering Lab
Public Interest Practicum | L4498
Public Land and Resources Law | L4495
Public Utility Regulation | L4500
Qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans | L4463
Race and the Law Seminar | L4502
Race, Class and Reproductive Rights | L4378
Real Estate | L4095
Real Estate Transactions
Real Estate, Title & Finance | L4708
Religion & Law | 4704
Remedies | L4520
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century: Law, Policy & Markets | L4508
Renewable Energy Law | L4511
Renewable Energy Law Project
Renewable Energy Project Development and Regulation | L4509
Renewable Energy Seminar- Wind | 4280
Representing Clients Before the SEC | L4618
Representing the Marijuana Client | L4700
Representing the Spanish-Speaking Client | L4700
Research and Writing for the Legal Administrator | M4380
Russian for Lawyers I | L4524
Russian for Lawyers II | L4525
Sales and Leases | L4526
School of Mines Exchange | L4527
Scientific Evidence | L4660
Sealing Criminal Records Clinic | 4700
Secured Transactions | L4530
Securities Law | L4528
Securities Law Seminar | L4552
Securities Litigation | L4529
Semester in Practice & Semester in Practice Seminar | L5029/L5030
Seminar in Pioneras and the Law | L4700
Seminar: Dynamics of the Land Use Case | L4703
Sexual Orientation and the Law | L4543
Sexual Orientation Law Seminar | L4262
Social Change Lawyering | L4539
Space and Technology Law | L4631
Spanish for Lawyers | L4553
Spanish for Lawyers II | L4554
Specialty Courts | M4330
Sports and Entertainment Law Practicum | L4700SE
Sports Law | L4545
State & Local Government | L4550
Statistics for the Legal Administrator | M4415
Strategic Marketing and Business Development | M4953
Strategic Planning in the Courts | M4950
Street Law | L4555E
Survey of Employment Law | L4205
Sustainable Cities Practicum | L4709
Sustainable Development and Trade | L4556
Sustainable Natural Resources Development Practicum | L4700
Taxation of Natural Resources | L4605
Taxation of Property Transactions | L4117
Topics in Constitutional Law: | L4050
Topics in Constitutional Law: Gun Control and Gun Rights | L4050
Torts | L4610
Torts (Advanced) | L4615
Trademark Law | L4115
Trademark Law (Advanced) | L4112
Trial Practice I: Basic Courtroom Skills | L4635
Trial Practice II: Advanced Courtroom Skills | L4042
Trial Practice II: Litigation Technology | L4436
Trial Practice II: Motions Practice | L4634
Trial Practice II: Voir Dire | L4027
Trial Practice III : The Instructors Practicum | L4709
Trial Practice III: Mentors Practicum | L4442
Trial Practice III: Mentor's Practicum | L4638
Trial Practice III: National Trial Team | L5026
Trial Practice III:Trial Practicum | L4700
Trial Practice III-Criminal Procedure Practicum | L4709
Trial Practice: National Trial Team | L5027
Trusts and Estates | L4640
U.S. and E.U. Investment Management Regulation and Compliance | 4703
U.S. Counterterrorism Abroad
Victim's Rights | L4197
Water Court Practice | 4703
Water Law | L4670
Water Transactions Seminar | 4703
White Collar Crime | L4674
Wills Lab | L4686
Worker's Compensation | L4680
Workplace Law Practicum: Prelitigation & Transactional Skills
Workplace Law Practicum: Sports & Entertainment Law | L4700
Workplace Rights Project Lab & Seminar | L4709
Writing Legal Arguments | L4703