Trial Practice III : The Instructors Practicum | L47xx

“Teach once, learn twice.” That is the guiding principle behind this course. The Instructors Practicum is a skills-based course for law school students seeking to refine their trial skills, case analysis skills, and improve their understanding and application of evidence and criminal procedure, through teaching these skills to undergraduate students who are members of the University of Denver mock trial team. Please note, Advanced Trial Practice: Instructors Practicum is based upon the same model as the “Mentors Practicum”, but it is a different course than the Mentors Practicum. / The Instructors Practicum is designed to be a year-long course, however students may elect to not renew their enrollment at the end of the first semester. Students may start the course at the beginning of the spring or the fall semester. / Admission to the course is instructor permission only; please place yourself on the wait list and a short application will be sent to you in the near future. / The course consists of two classes a week. The first takes place at the law school. This weekly class involves case analysis and evidentiary discussion, resulting in the law students preparing their lesson plans to be taught to the college school students. Lesson plans will include trial topics such as case analysis and evidentiary discussions, direct and cross-examination, objections and the rules of evidence, opening statements, closing arguments, and development of theme and theory. / The second weekly class is an undergraduate law class, where the law students act as mentor-coaches to the undergraduate students who are participating on the national level in undergraduate mock trial tournaments around the country. / Admission to the class is by permission of the instructor via interview. While preference will be given to students who have completed Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and Trial Practice I and II, consideration will also be given to students who have not completed all those courses but have experience gained through participation in a Student Law Office clinic, STLA moot court competitions, ABA or TYLA trial team, or an externship that involved attorney-supervised trial work.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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