Civil Rights Clinic | L4809/L4812

The Civil Rights Clinic (CRC) represents individuals and groups in civil and human rights matters. The CRC's current cases address a range of complex constitutional issues litigated before the Federal District Court for the District of Colorado. Some of the claims currently being litigated in the CRC will impact constitutional jurisprudence nationwide. The current CRC docket is focused on the constitutional rights of prisoners. These cases challenge prison conditions and policies pursuant to the First, Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments on issues such as: indefinite solitary confinement, failure to provide prisoners with adequate medical or mental health care, long-term denial of outdoor exercise, and the prison's refusal to provide meaningful process to individuals placed in long-term segregation.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 6 (3 in-class credit hours and 3 out-of-class credit hours)
ULW: This course meets the Upper Level Writing requirement. (ULW)

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