Lawyering in the Private Sector | L4709PS

This professional skills and values course will complement your externship experience. This two hour course provides a broad framework to prepare you for litigation and/or transactional work in the private sector. Students will be guided through the initial client intake, introductory filings, entry of appearance and discovery phase of a litigation matter. Drafting complaints, answers, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and how to prepare for a deposition will all be part of the litigation component of this course. In the corporate component of the course, students will be assigned to draft an agreement and analyze a related transactional/corporate issue, among other things. Lectures will focus primarily on determining the strategy for a particular client and how to execute that strategy through discovery and other means to achieve the desired result. We will also address how to perform a legal risk analysis of business strategy to provide your client with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Discussions about legal ethics, professional identity and professionalism in the practice of law will be an integral part of this course.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 2
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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