Psychiatry and the Law | L4454

This course will explore the interface between psychiatry, psychology, medicine and the law. Subjects that may be included: DSM-5 diagnoses and psychopharmacology; sanity and competency determinations; role of mental health experts in the court; special issues involving the mentally ill and death penalty; issues particular to juvenile offenders; third party protections and reporting duties; civil commitment and involuntary treatment of the mentally ill; malpractice including professional misconduct and sexual boundary violations; professional ethics in medicine and the law; law of informed consent and proxy decision making for medical treatment; confidentiality; clinical and legal aspects of end of life care including physician assisted suicide; and prisonersÂ’ rights in correctional settings including sex offender treatment. Readings will include landmark state and federal decisions shaping each of these areas, along with readings from legal and mental health literature. Dr. Martinez is the Robert D. Miller Professor of Psychiatry and the Law at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

Texts will include: 1) Psychological Evaluations for the Courts: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers. Edited by Gary B. Melton, John Petrila, Norman Poythress, Christopher Slobogin, 3rd Edition. Guilford Press, New York and London, 2007; 2) Landmark Cases and Colorado Revised Statutes pertaining to Criminal Law will be accessed electronically utilized WestLaw and TWEN.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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