Environmental Law Clinic and Seminar | L4206/L4802

The goal of the Environmental Law Clinic of the Student Law Office (SLO) is to protect the environment and public health, while teaching students practical legal skills that will translate into any practice area. Students applying for the Environmental Law Clinic are asked to select between two tracks: the Federal Wildlife Project or the Colorado Urban Project. Students who select the Federal Wildlife Project (FWP) track in the Environmental Law Clinic will work on the preservation of endangered species and their habitats throughout Colorado and the western United States. Students who select the Colorado Urban Project (CUP) track in the Environmental Law Clinic will work to address the emerging environmental issues along Colorado's urban Front Range.

Prerequisites: Evidence & Legal Profession. L4206 and L4802 may be taken concurrently.
Credit Hours: Year-Long Clinic: 6 (3 in-class credits and 3 out-of-class credits per semester)
ULW: This course may satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULW)

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