ProfessorCourse NameAssignments and Documents Date Posted
Professor Akerson International Criminal Law Practicum Assignment 08/13/2014
Professor Akerson International Criminal Law Assignment 08/13/2014
Professor Anderson Lawyering Process Assignment 08/14/2014
Professor Austin Lawyering Process Assignment 08/11/2014
Professor Austin Advanced Legal Research Assignment 08/11/2014
Professor Brady Hazardous Waste Please read Chapter One, The Analytical Basics, paying particular attention to pages 10 to 22 on Risk Assessment, and 33 to 37 on the Precautionary Principle. For the second class we will continue to cover your Chapter One reading and begin pages 48 through 63 of Chapter Two, Toxic Torts. A syllabus will be handed out during the second class. 07/21/2014
Professor Brewer Lawyering Process Assignment 08/14/2014
Professor Bruce Advanced Legal Writing Please read the materials in the Advance Assignment folder on my TWEN site. 08/11/2014
Professor Chao Intro to Intellectual Property The textbook is Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age by Merges, Menell and Lemley (6th ed). Please read pp 1-31 for the 1st class. I will post a pdf of the 1st two assignments on TWEN. After that you should have the book. 08/11/2014
Professor Chao Patent Law The textbook is Nard, Law of Patents (3rd Ed). The reading assignment for the 1st class is pp 1-38 and U.S. Patent No. 4,441,626 which is found on both TWEN and on pp. 52-58 of the textbook. For this assignment, please ignore the footnotes in Nard. I will also post a pdf of the 1st two reading assignments on TWEN. 08/11/2014
Professor DuVivier Civil Procedure Assignment 08/05/2014
Professor Felter Administrative Law Notice of Advance Assignment   Helpful Information 07/31/2014
Professor Friedlob Lobbying Law Draft Syllabus 08/11/2014
Professor García Hernández Torts Required Text: Goldberg, Sebok, and Zipursky, Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress (3d edition)
Introduction to Torts
pp. 5-11 (skim only)

Unlike every other class meeting of the semester, you should not read todays material with an eye to understanding the cases substantive content. Instead, you should try to identify key features of the events that led to this lawsuit and how the court dealt with the claim. As you read, ask yourself the following questions:
"      Who is involved and in what capacity?
"      What happened?
"      What are the parties asking the court to do?
"      What court issued the opinion?
"      What sources of law does the court mention?
Professor García Hernández Criminal Procedure Required Text: Erwin Chemerinsky and Laurie L. Levenson, Criminal Procedure: Investigation (2nd edition, Aspen 2013).
"        U.S. Const. art. III § 2[3]
"        pages 1-19
"        Eduardo Porter, In the U.S., Punishment Comes Before the Crimes, New York Times (April 30, 2014), at B1 (available at
Professor Goel Criminal Law Please register for the class on TWEN 08/14/2014
Professor Goldhammer Sports Law Please register on TWEN. Assignment: Decision and Direction of Election 07/31/2014
Professor Hammond Trusts and Estates Log onto TWEN and sign up for the class.   On the left side of the page, you will see various links. Please download the following:

Under Class Policies, Syllabus, etc.: Download Class Policies and Syllabus  Part 1.

Under Lecture Outline (Main Text): Download Lecture Outline (PART 1).

For August 19  21, please read the assigned material and be prepared to present the cases assigned for the week.   On the first day of class, August 19, we will only cover Shapira and Pepper. The rest of the assigned cases will be covered on August 21.

Professor Hyatt Evidence Please sign up for this course on TWEN for the Advance Assignment and Syllabus. 08/11/2014
Professor Jones Oil and Gas Syllabus 08/05/2014
Professor Juarez Civil Procedure Our first class will be held on August 14 during orientation. You should be prepared to discuss Louisville & N.R. Co. v. Mottley (pages 27-30) at this first class. For our first regular class (on August 19), please read pages 1 to 40. (This includes the Mottley case). Pages 1 to 24 of this first assignment is basic information you will use in all of your first-year classes, including Civil Procedure. 08/14/2014
Professor Kamin Criminal Procedure Please read the first two cases in Kamin and Bascuas, Criminal Procedure: An Investigative Approach, 2nd Edition (pages 1-32). Please also register on the TWEN page that I have created for the course. Thanks! 08/15/2014
Professor Kwoka Civil Procedure Yeazell, Civil Procedure (8th Edition), pages 1-4, 12-15, 279-288
Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11, available at this link (found on pages 15-16):
Professor Kwoka Administrative Law Asimow and Levin, State and Federal Administrative Law (4th Edition) pages 1-43
Charlie Savage, Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.s Bulk Data Collection, N.Y. Times (March 24, 2014), available at
Professor Laitos Constitutional Law Please log into Canvas for advance assignments 08/13/2014
Professor Lipp Outdoor Recreation and Ski Law Please note that this course will not have a textbook, and that I will distribute a syllabus and assignment list in our first class. Please review, prior to the first class, the following materials:
"        Premises Liability Act  C.R.S. § 13-21-115
"        Doering ex rel Barrett v. Copper Mountain, 259 F.3d 1202 (10th Cir. 2001) (read all sections except III.A.; this class will discuss III.B. and III.D.3. more than the other parts)
Please note that while you should review these materials prior to our first class, I simply want you to review them to be prepared for the first class and to have a flavor of the issues well be addressing over the semester. Dont worry, I will not be asking any hard questions on these materials in the first class. I look forward to meeting all of you on August 21st.
Professor Moran Lawyering Process Brilliant Students,

Welcome to LP. I look forward to working with you all over the coming year. Before your first lab (see more information on TWEN) please do the following:

Register for TWEN, which is part of Westlaw, and read the information posted there.

Make sure you have an active Google account for Google document sharing.

Pick up a course pack in suite 444 during orientation.

Read Chapter 1 of our primary textbook, A Lawyer Writes, and skim the introductory materials in your course pack.

Professor Pepper Torts Assignment 08/16/2014
Professor Ritsick Contracts Drafting Please register on TWEN and read the following for the first day of class:
- Stark, pp. 3-8
- Frigaliment Importing Co. v. B.N.S. Intl Sales Corp. (
- Recommended: Adams, xxix-xxxiv
Professor Roche Basic Tax Please sign up as a participant for this class on TWEN.
The Advance Assignment is posted in Course Materials
Professor Romero Water Law Welcome to Water Law. I am excited for the new semester. In preparation for our first class (which will also include a visit by Justice Gregory Hobbs, Jr. of the Colorado Supreme Court), please do the following:

1.         Sign-Up for Water Law on TWEN (available beginning 8/16/14)
2.         Read the following:
a.        The Syllabus (available on TWEN)
b.        Tarlock, et al. Water Resource management: A Casebook on Law and Policy 7th Edition (2014)(hereafter Casebook), pages 1-41
c.        Tom I. Romero, II The Color of Water: Observations of a Brown Buffalo on Water Law and Policy in Ten Stanzas, 15 Denver Water L. Rev. 329 (2012)(available for download on TWEN or at
d.        Hobbs Readings (available for download on TWEN)

Professor Ruan Lawyering Process Please read the introduction and chapter 1 of both A Lawyer Writes text and Just Writing text. Please sign up for my LP TWEN page. 08/13/2014
Professor Smith Torts Please read pages 1-9 in Franklin and Rabin, Tort Law and Alternatives (9th ed. 2011). Please brief Hammontree v. Jenner. 08/12/2014
Professor Stacy Patent Office Litigation We have provided the first two readings in pdf to Professor Chao. He has forwarded these documents to all registered students. Read the trial practice guide for the first class. Skim the second document.

We will have all documents posted on The site is accessible now, but not in final form. We will have it completed on the 18th

Professor Stone Alternative Dispute Resolution Both Sections:

Fall Semester 2014
Jim Stone Adjunct Professor
Personal Office: (303)526-9569
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00  10:15 AM Rm 280 & 7:30  8:45 PM Rm 259

Required text: Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice and Law
Folberg, Golann, Kloppenberg & Stipanowich
Aspen Publishers (2nd edition, 2010)

Begin reading Getting To Yes.
Read chapter 1 of Folberg text.

Professor Taylor Contracts For our first meeting, please read pages 1-17 and 31-43 in your casebook.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Professor Taylor

Professor Thomson Lawyering Process Thomson, Lawyering Process: Introduction and Chapter 1
Oates & Enquist, Just Writing: pp. 1-9
Professor Velte Civil Procedure Assignment 08/01/2014
Professor Walker Family Law Week One Assignment and Syllabus 08/19/2014
Professor Wiersema International Law Welcome to International Law. The casebook for this course is Mary Ellen OConnell, Richard F. Scott, and Naomi Roht-Arriaza, The International Legal System, 2010, 6th Ed., Foundation Press, ISBN: 978-1-59941-183-1330. For the first class on Monday August 18, please read pages 1-20 of the casebook. For the second class on Wednesday, please read pages 38-58. Please also sign up for TWEN. The syllabus for the rest of the semester will be given out (and posted on TWEN) on Monday August 18. 08/08/2014
Professor Wiersema Property Welcome to Property. You will need two books for this course: (1) Singer, Berger, Davidson, and Peñalver, Property Law: Rules, Policies, and Practices, 6th Edition, 2014, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (Aspen Casebook Series), ISBN: 978-1-4548-3761-9; and (2) Edwards, Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide, 4th Edition, 2013, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (Aspen Coursebook Series), ISBN: 978-1-4548-2510-4. For the first class on Monday August 18, please read pages xxxi-xlvi and 3-9 of the Singer casebook. For the second class on Wednesday August 20, please read pages 9-30 of the Singer casebook. Please also sign up for TWEN. The syllabus for the rest of the course will be given out (and posted on TWEN) on Monday August 18. 08/08/2014