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Professor Vigil Legal Profession Dear Students,

For our first class in Legal Profession, please read Chapter 1 in Problems in Legal Ethics, 12th Edition. Also, please read ABA Model Rule 8.4 in Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes.

We will cover Chapters 1 through 13 in Problems in Legal Ethics. At the beginning of each Chapter you will find a reading assignment and several hypothetical problems. Read the assignment and be prepared to discuss the hypothetical problems in class. We will cover approximately one Chapter per class period. Always read ahead.

Time permitting, we will have a few guest speakers.

I do take attendance and you must attend 80% of the classes.

Meaningful class participation may enhance you grade.

I am willing to meet with students as requested. Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

The final examination will be two hours long and closed book.

If you have a disability/medical issue protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and need to request accommodations, please visit the Disability Services Program website at You may also call 303.871.2372, or visit in person on the 4th floor of Ruffato Hall, 1999 E. Evans Ave.

See you in class.

Professor Vigil