ProfessorCourse NameAssignments and Documents Date Posted
Professor Arnow-Richman Contracts - Section 2 Assignment 01/06/2014
Professor Aviel Constitutional Law For our first class (Tue. Jan. 14), please read pp. xli-lvii and pp. 1-8 in the course textbook: Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law (Aspen Publishers 4th ed. 2013). 01/06/2014
Professor Aviel Family Law For our first class (Tuesday Jan. 14), please pick up a packet from the faculty support office in Suite 444 and read Buck v. Bell and DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services. Please also read pp. 49-54 in the course textbook: Family Law Cases and Materials, by Judith Areen, Marc Spindelman, and Philomela Tsoukala (Foundation Press, 6th ed. 2012). 01/06/2014
Professor Banks Trademark Law The casebook is Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Dinwoodie & Janis (3d Edition). Please be sure to get the correct edition. For the first day of class, Tuesday (1/14), please read pp. 3-27. 01/06/2014
Professor Banks Contracts - Section 3 For the first day of class, Tuesday (1/14), please read pp. 1-4, 18-32 of the casebook, Contracts: Making and Doing Deals by Epstein, Markell & Ponoroff (3d ed). We will also cover pp. 36-47 during the first week. 01/06/2014
Professor Best Evidence Assignment for Monday January 13
Casebook (Best: Evidence Practice, Problems and Rules) pages 1-21.
For the whole first week of class, we will cover pages 1-53.
Professor Brandt Sports Law Sports Law meets on Tuesdays from 9:40  11:30 Mountain Time. The first class is January 21 and the last class is April 22. The class will not meet via video the weeks of March 4th or March 18th to accommodate Spring Break schedules. 01/10/2014
Professor Brown Bankruptcy Syllabus 01/06/2014
Professor Bruce Advanced Legal Writing Please complete the advance assignment posted on TWEN. 01/06/2014
Professor Chao Contracts The casebook is Cases and Materials on Contracts: Making and Doing Deals, Epstein, Markell and Ponoroff (3rd Edition). Students should read pp. 1-32 for class on Monday, January 13. 01/10/2014
Professor Chao Intellectual Property Survey The text book is Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age by Merges, Menell & Lemley (6th Edition). Please sure to get the correct edition. For the first day of class, Tuesday (1/14), please read pp. 1-31. 01/10/2014
Professor Cheever Property Assignment - Section 3 01/10/2014
Professor Cheever Property Assignment - Section 4 01/10/2014
Professor Corrada Labor Law For Wednesday, Jan. 15, read:

Washington Aluminum case and notes, Text, pp. 215-218.

For Friday, Jan. 17, read:

IBM Corp. case, including dissent, Text, pp. 229-235.

Professor Ehrenreich Criminal Law Assignments 01/06/2014
Professor Felter Administrative Law Assignment 01/06/2014
Professor Garcia Advanced Criminal Law Professor Garcia
Text: Criminal Litigation & Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure
Advanced Assignment: Please read Chapters One and Two. Be prepared to discuss the cases in Chapter Two and the cases cited at the end of each hypothetical as required preparation. Syllabus
Professor Hammond Health Law Log into TWEN, Register for course, download Syllabus. Be prepared for first days materials. 01/10/2014
Professor Hammond Trusts and Estates Log into TWEN, Register for course, download Lecture Outline and first Syllabus. Be prepared for first week materials. 01/10/2014
Professor Hoversten Space and Technology Law Assignment 01/06/2014
Professor Hyatt Evidence Practicum Sign up for this course on TWEN. For Monday, January 13, 2014,
prepare Exercise #1 per the instructions on the TWEN site.
Professor Johns Constitutional Law II Syllabus 01/17/2014
Professor Johns Legal Analysis Strategies Syllabus 01/17/2014
Professor Jones Oil and Gas Please sign up for this class on Blackboard.

You have two videos to watch for your first two classes of Oil and Gas law. Both videos will be found in your Blackboard site under the Video link.

January 13 : Movie: The Prize, Part 1

January 15: Video of Professor Jones lecture covering Chapter 1, History, Accumulation and Ownership

If you have any questions or concerns about logging into Blackboard or viewing these videos, please contact Jessica Hogan ( or 303.871.6131.

Professor Kamin Criminal Law Please read: Regina v. Dudley and Stephens, pages 82-89; and
Please register on the TWEN page for this course.
Professor Kwoka Federal Courts Please read Allen, Finch & Roberts, Federal Courts, pp. 1-28 01/10/2014
Professor Marceau Advanced Criminal Procedure -        Stages of the Criminal Case, pp. 1-12
-        Federal Rules 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.1.
Professor Romero Water Law Please sign-up for the Water Law course on TWEN beginning Monday, January 13th, after 5 pm.

Please read all of the following for the first day of class:

Justice Gregory Hobbs, Jr. Poems (available on TWEN). Justice Hobbs will be giving a lecture on the very first day of class, so come prepared.

Professor Samelson Legal Profession Professional Responsibility, Barbara Glesner Fines(1st Edition, 2013)(PR) Chapters 1 and 2.
Rules of Professional Responsibility 8.3 and 8.4
Professor Samford Natural Resources Law For class on Monday please read pages 1-10 and 25-31 of the textbook. (Natural Resources Law, Klein, Cheever & Birdsong, 3rd Ed.)

For class on Wednesday please read pages 35-55 of the textbook.
Professor Sookswat Banking Law Syllabus 01/13/2014
Professor Sterling Legal Profession the Introduction - pages 1-20; and Chapter 1: pages 24-45 of the casebook, Lerman and Schrag, ETHICAL PROBLEMS IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW. 01/10/2014
Professor Stone Alternative Dispute Resolution Required text: Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice and Law
Folberg, Golann, Kloppenberg & Stipanowich
Aspen Publishers (2nd edition, 2010)

Begin reading Getting To Yes.
Read chapter 1 of Folberg text.

Professor Thomson Discovery Practicum Thomson, Discovery Practice, Introduction & Chapter 1. 01/17/2014
Professor Wiersema International Environmental Law Welcome to International Environmental Law. You need one book for this course: Edith Brown Weiss, Stephen C. McCaffrey, Daniel Barstow Magraw, and A. Dan Tarlock, International Law and Policy, 2d Edition, 2007, Aspen. Please sign up for the course on TWEN before the first class. For the first class on Tuesday 1/14, please read 1-26 of the casebook. For Thursday 1/16, please read 26-51 of the casebook. 01/06/2014
Professor Wiersema Property Welcome to Property. You need two books for this course: (1) Joseph William Singer, Property Law: Rules Policies and Practices, 5th Edition, 2010, Aspen, ISBN: 9780735588608; and (2) Linda H. Edwards, Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step by Step Guide, 4th Edition, 2013, Aspen, ISBN: 9781454825104. Please sign up for the course on TWEN before the first class. For the first class on Tuesday 1/14, please read Singer xliii-l (What is Property? & Recurring Themes) and Singer 3-16. For Thursday 1/16, please read Singer 16-24. For Friday 1/17, please read Singer 24-40. 01/06/2014
Professor Williams Administrative Law Please read pages 1-8, 127-131, and 608-628 in the course text, Federal Administrative Law by Gary Lawson, 6th edition. 01/06/2014