Advance Assignments for Summer 2017

ProfessorCourse NameAssignments and Documents Date Posted
Professor García Hernández Torts May 31
Introduction to Torts
pp. 3-5

As you read cases, ask yourself the following questions:
"      Who is involved and in what capacity?
"      What happened?
"      What are the parties asking the court to do?
"      What court issued the opinion?
"      What sources of law does the court mention?

Battery: Harmful or Offensive Touching
pp. 602-12

Battery: Intent
Nelson v. Carroll, 735 A.2d 1096 (Md. 1999) (available on TWEN)
pp. 613-14
pp. 623-34 (Wagner v. State)

Martin v. State, 2001 WL 747640, *1-2 (Tenn. Ct. App. July 5, 2001) (focus on the discussion of sovereign immunity)

Professor Sousa Bankruptcy Course Materials
Casebook: Bankruptcy Law, Principles, Policies, and Practice (4th edition)(LexisNexis)(Tabb & Brubaker)
Statutory Supplement: Any Student Edition of the Bankruptcy Code (2015 or later)

These materials have been ordered and are available at the DU Bookstore

First Day (May 30)
Out of Court Creditor Remedies; Introduction to Bankruptcy Law
Casebook, pages 1-70.

Second Day (June 1)
Commence of a Bankruptcy Case
Casebook, pages 73-150
Prepare problems 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7
Bankruptcy Code Sections: 301, 302, 109(a), (b), (d) & (e), 541(a), 362(a), 706, 707(a) & (b) (skim), 1112, 1307

Professor Steuer Indian Water Rights For the first class, the reading assignment is as follows:

Hobbs, Colorado Water Law: An Historical Overview, 1 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 1 (1997)
California v. United States, 438 U.S. 645 (1978)

Professor Vigil Legal Profession Dear Students,

For our first class in Legal Profession, please read Chapter 1 in Problems in Legal Ethics, 11th Edition. Also please read ABA Model Rule 8.4 in Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes.

We will cover Chapters 1 through 13 in Problems in Legal Ethics. At the beginning of each Chapter you will find a reading assignment and several hypothetical problems. Read the assignment and be prepared to discuss the hypothetical problems in class. We will cover approximately one Chapter per class period. Always read ahead.

Time permitting, we will have a few guest speakers.

Meaningful class participation may enhance you grade.

I am willing to meet with students as requested. Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

The final examination will be two hours long and closed book.

See you in class.

Professor Vigil

Dear Students,

My syllabus must include the following:

If you have a disability/medical issue protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and need to request accommodations, please visit the Disability Services Program website at You may also call 303.871.2372, or visit in person on the 4th floor of Ruffato Hall, 1999 E. Evans Ave.
I was just informed of a new ABA attendance standard; it states that the law school shall adopt, publish and adhere to a regular class ABA attendance policy. Thus, I now must require that students attend at least 80% of the class meetings. Therefore, in order to enforce that policy I will take attendance after all.