Advance Assignments for Summer 2016

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Professor Sousa Commercial Law Survey Class Materials:

For reasons of cost, I did not order the required books from the DU bookstore. Below are the required books for you to purchase (and I am using an edition of the casebook that has been in print for a bit to make it cheaper for you) which you can purchase from a cheaper source (e.g., Amazon). The required texts are:

1.        Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach (5th edition 2012)(Wolters Kluwer)(Authors: LoPucki, Warren, Keating and Mann)
2.        Commercial Law: Selected Statutes (Foundation Press) (but any law school version of the UCC after 2012 should be fine for our purposes)(but make sure the version contains the comments to each UCC section as well as the Bankruptcy Code).

First Evening Assignment:

Topic: Unsecured Creditors and their Remedies
Read Casebook pgs. 811-829; 866-885

Topic: Scope of Article 9
Cases: (use Westlaw, cases not in casebook)
Gibraltar Financial Corp. v. Prestige Equipment Corp., 949 N.E.2d 314 (Ind. 2011)
Excel Bank v. National Bank of Kansas City, 290 S.W.3d 801 (2009)         
UCC Sections: 9-102(a)(28); 9-102(a)(72); 9-102(a)(73); 1-201(b)(35); 9-102(a)(12); 9-109(a)(1), (a)(3), (a)(4), (a)(5); 9-109(c)(2); 9-109(d)(1), (2), (5), (11); 1-203; 9-102(a)(20); 9-319; 9-103(d); 9-318