Constitutional Rights and Remedies Law Certificate Petition Form

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  1. These three courses are required. Check those completed:
    • Constitutional Law L4164
    • Administrative Law L4025
    • Federal Courts L4250
  2. You must complete at least ONE of the following two courses. Check those completed:
    • Criminal Procedure (Basic) L4200
    • Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights L4166
  3. You must complete at least ONE of the following three courses. Check those completed:
    • Constitutional Litigation Seminar L4168
    • Habeas Corpus
    • Remedies L4520
  4. You must complete at least ONE experiential learning opportunity that earns 3 or more credits. Check those completed:
    • A Constitutional Rights & Remedies-related externship (through the externship office)
    • Participation in the Civil Rights Clinic L4809/4812
    • Participation in the Criminal Defense Clinic L4800/L4801
    • Constitutional Rights & Remedies Capstone Course
  5. The following courses are recommended but not required for students participating in the Constitutional Rights & Remedies Program:
    • Appellate Advocacy L4003
    • Constitutional Law (Advanced) L4050
    • Criminal Procedure (Advanced) L4026
    • Death Penalty Jurisdiction L4201
    • Immigration Law L4295
    • Race, Class and Reproductive Rights L4378
    • Sexual Orientation and the Law L4543
    • Social Change Lawyering L4548
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