The University of Denver Sturm College of Law's Professional Mentoring Program offers law students the opportunity to have a practicing lawyer or judge as a mentor. We will make every effort to match every student who is interested with the appropriate mentor. Please complete and submit the following Application to receive a mentor for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 academic year. Upon successful submission, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Students who complete the application first have the greatest change of receiving a mentor who fits their preferences..

Please Note:

  1. By completing this Application and electronically signing below, you are certifying that you:
    1. Will be a second or third year JD student for the Fall of 2014 academic year (ie. Completed at least 22 credits);
    2. Will return your mentor's emails and telephone calls promptly;
    3. Will notify your mentor in advance if you are unable to keep an appointment;
    4. Will arrive at scheduled meetings in a timely manner;
    5. Will notify your mentor and the Program should you decide to discontinue participating; and
    6. Understand your failure to maintain these professional standards may result in dismissal from the Program for your law school career.
  2. We attempt to match mentors and students based primarily on general practice areas. The practice areas listed in this application are, by necessity, very broad. Accordingly, your mentor may not practice in the exact area in which you think you might want to practice. If that happens, please do not reject your mentor. Instead, work with him or her and find common ground. You will learn valuable practice insights from your mentor regardless of their practice area.
  3. We anticipate being able to offer every student a mentor. Do not complete the application if you are unsure about enrolling or continuing at Sturm College of Law for the 2014/2015 academic year. The earlier you submit your application the more likely you will be assigned a mentor in your general area of practice and the less likely you will have to wait for a mentor to be assigned to you. Applications will be accepted until the first day of class, August 19, 2014.

Second & Third Year Application

  1. *Name:
  2. *Preferred E-mail Address:
  3. Preferred Phone Number:
  4. Local Mailing Address:
  5. Which year of law school will you be in during August 2014?
    Second Year Day (Completed 30 Credits)
    Second Year Evening (Completed 22 Credits)
    Third Year Day (Completed 60 Credits)
    Third Year Evening (Completed 44 Credits)
  6. Would you like continue with your current mentor?
    Yes. (Please complete the remainder of the Application in case your first year mentor decides not to continue the Program.)
    No, I would like a new mentor.
    I did not have a mentor last year and would like to be assigned a mentor.
  7. What practice areas would you like your mentor to practice in?
    Civil Litigation
    Environmental & Natural Resource Law
    Criminal Law (Prosecution)
    Criminal Law (Defense)
    Business/Corporate Law (Transactional)
    Business/Corporate Law (Litigation)
    Family Law Wills
    Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Law
    Other Area (Ex. Health/Hospital Law, Appellate Practice, Elder Law, Juvenile Law, Immigration and Naturalization Law, Indian Law, Real Estate Law, Sports/Entertainment/Media Law, Arbitration/Mediation)
  8. If "Other Area", please identify the area (20 word limit):

  9. (OPTIONAL) Please provide a brief description of what you believe your ideal practice entails (100 word limit):
  10. (OPTIONAL) Are there any other preferences you would like us to take into account when matching? (ex. age, gender, race, GLBT, professional background, family, etc.) (100 word limit)
  11. (OPTIONAL) If you plan to practice in an area other than the Denver metropolitan area AND you would like a mentor who lives in your planned practice area, where might you practice? City/State (20 word limit):
  12. Would you prefer a mentor engaged in Public Interest?
  13. Electronic Signature: