The University of Denver Sturm College of Law's Professional Mentoring Program offers students the opportunity to have a practicing lawyer or judge as a mentor. As a mentor, you will have the ability to make a remarkable professional influence on a law student's career, offering advice on classes, employment opportunities, ethics and even the Bar exam. It is also a way in which you can contribute to the overall improvement of the legal profession. Please fill out the information below to participate.

  1. Prefix:
  2. Name:
  3. Preferred E-mail Address:
  4. Firm Name:
  5. Title:
  6. Work Address:
  7. Preferred Phone Number:
  8. Are you a Sturm College of Law alumnus?
  9. If yes, what year did you graduate?

  10. Are you willing to mentor more than one student?
  11. What level of student would you like to mentor?
  12. If you have a 1L or 2L student from the 2013-2014 academic year, would you like to continue to mentor that student as your 2L or 3L student?
    Yes, but I am willing to take a different 2L student if my current student is unavailable.
    Yes, and I would only like to mentor my 2L student.
    I did not participate last year.
  13. Please Note: Many students may request a new mentor even though they really enjoyed their previous mentor. Moreover, many students decide they cannot commit the amount of time required by the Program during their second year. Accordingly, please do not take it personally if you are not re-matched with your student.

  14. What areas of law do you currently practice in?
    Civil Litigation
    Environmental & Natural Resource Law
    Criminal Law (Prosecution)
    Criminal Law (Defense)
    Business/Corporate Law (Transactional)
    Business/Corporate Law (Litigation)
    Family Law Wills
    Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Law
    Other Area (Ex. Health/Hospital Law, Appellate Practice, Elder Law, Juvenile Law, Immigration and Naturalization Law, Indian Law, Real Estate Law, Sports/Entertainment/Media Law, Arbitration/Mediation)
  15. If you marked “Other Area” please specify the field of law.

  16. Please provide a brief description of what your practice entails (200 word limit):
  17. Are there any other criteria, or any preferences, you would like us to take into account when matching? (ex. age, gender, race, GLBT, professional background, family, etc.) (200 word limit)
  18. How did you hear about the program? (required)
  19. Acknowledgement of Responsibilities:

    I understand that it is the mentor's responsibility to initiate contact with the student and to schedule meetings with the student in a reasonably timely manner. If I am unable to meet with a student during a scheduled time or need to cancel a meeting, I will notify the student as soon as possible. If I have difficulty communicating with my student or can no longer participate in the Program, I will contact the Program. I will conduct myself in a professional manner during all interactions with my student. Finally, I understand the professional nature of the Program and agree to act accordingly.

  20. Electronic Signature:
  21. (Please Note: We ask that mentors be responsible to initiate contact with the student because mentors often have less flexibility in their schedules and many students feel intimidated to initiate contact with attorneys their first year. Thank you for cooperating with this.)